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Donald Drive Robbery Update: Suspects Came Looking For Marijuana


From the Moraga Police Department:

MORAGA, CA – On Sunday November 3, 2019, approximately 9:26 p.m., Moraga Police received a call reporting a possible burglary and robbery at a residence in the 100 block of Donald Drive.  The suspects were described as 3-4 males, wearing hooded sweatshirts and were armed with baseball bats and at least one gun. The suspects reportedly ran from the residence.

Officers responding to the call observed a vehicle turning onto Moraga Road from Donald Drive and stopped the vehicle on Moraga Road near Moraga Way. The vehicle was occupied by 4 males who were wearing hooded sweatshirts.  Officers conducted a high risk vehicle stop and all 4 occupants were detained without incident.  The victims later identified all 4 of the vehicle occupants as being involved in the incident.  Officers also located a baseball bat and a stolen, loaded handgun in the vehicle.

The investigation revealed that at least one of the subjects had purchased a large quantity of marijuana at the residence in the past.  Following that purchase, the suspects returned to steal marijuana from the resident.  One of the suspects was armed with a handgun and the others were armed with baseball bats when they entered the home.  None of the occupants of the residence were injured and the suspects left the residence after taking marijuana and a wallet.  A large quantity of marijuana (in excess of 10 lbs.) was later located inside the suspect vehicle.

The four subjects were identified as Emarieay Prescott, 21, of Oakland; Domenico Delgado Caramagno, 20, of Oakland; Azrael Vargas, 19, of Berkeley; and Thomas Lloyd III, 20, of Oakland.  All four subjects were later booked into the Contra Costa County Jail in Martinez on charges including robbery, burglary, conspiracy, possession of a firearm and violation of probation.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the Moraga Police at (925) 888-7056 or (925) 888-7055.


  1. But I thought that legalizing marijuana was supposed to make everything safe and wonderful. I didn’t think so. And I don’t think we’ve begun to see the true effects of it yet…. it’s not going to be as nice as the marijuana industryhas been promoting.

    • The price of legal weed is higher than black market weed, due to high taxes, and the ability of municipalities in California to block cannabis businesses. In a totally free market, supply and demand co-exist in equal balance, theoretically removing the motive to sell illegally. However, unlike other states, we have a half-hearted form of deregulation rather than an “open” market. That makes street weed similar to untaxed cigarettes, or alcohol with no tax stamps – legal commodities which are cheaper to buy pre-tax.

  2. They weren’t “looking for marijuana,” as such. They were looking to steal something of value that can be quickly converted into cash. If they thought the house next door had gold bars, they would have robbed them instead.

  3. No one seems to give any thought to the people living on Donald Drive who had that much weed for sale and attracted the crooks who came ready to steal as much as they could carry. These “residents” are also breaking the law and attracting criminals. There is No honor among crooks. Did the PD issue any citations to those folks with the weed for sale? The four who came to steal or worse, were attracted to the neighborhood for a reason. The victims were not so innocent and if the neighbors ever want to feel safe again in the area, they (the “victims”) should also be run out of town. Neighbors like that are part of the crime problem finding it’s
    way to Moraga.

    • Thank you David. I was beginning to wonder whether I had landed on another planet when mo one was seemingly picking up on this issue. And also the suspects were minors. So they sell to minors. That’s a felony.

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