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Our Readers Sound Off


San Ramon Suicide

Dear Editor;

I would like to express my appreciation for your deft handling of the very tragic incident in my city Sept. 4. Your alerts were not only informative but they were riveting as I and others happened to be in the area affected at the time and your frequent updates dictated our movements.

I must also say I very much appreciated the sensitive manner with which you handled the aftermath of the incident, which obviously sent a shock wave through San Ramon and those of us who live here. I am so very sorry this person saw this course of action as her only way out and I would like to encourage others who may find themselves in similar circumstances to please please seek out counseling and guidance from friends, family, professionals if needed.


Marissa S. Berensen/San Ramon

Housing and Homelessness


I understand I am not alone in voicing my opinion that the time has come for immediate and drastic action in regard to our current state of housing and homelessness.

The growing number of people without adequate shelter in San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Concord and other East Bay cities has reached crisis levels and while we continue to throw huge amounts of money at the problem we’re no closer to easing conditions than we were when the problem started.

We are now treated to almost daily encounters with people tormented by mental health or drug dependency issues who think nothing of defecating in a public space or leaving large amounts of trash for others to deal with. After watching an apparently homeless man walk pantsless through our neighborhood grocery store my wife came home demanding we move – out of California. I have personally seen drug use and evidence of drug use in public spaces and wonder when we will start seeing outbreaks of disease already seen in places like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

And it’s getting worse, with crime among the homeless rising by the year. I do not wish to politicize what has quickly become a political issue in the state but previous promises to help solve this problem – or at least address it – have not been kept and it is my suggestion that those who made these promises be held to account.

The number of people living outdoors has only increased in recent years. Violent acts committed by and against the homeless has risen by 30% and 37%.

It has been argued that we’re fast reaching a state of emergency in this state – something many say is already upon us. We need to streamline the construction of temporary shelters, petition for federal funds to help deal with the problem and start sheltering people for whom life on the street has become normalized.

We are sinking and no one wants to bale water.

Michael Cousins/Concord

Moraga’s Mini Madoff

Dear Editor;

Although much still needs to be investigated and written about Moraga’s latest scandal I would like to lend my support to growing calls for a full and transparent accounting of the events leading up to this crime.

Moraga, in my opinion, has a reputation for attempting to keep its problems under wraps and that, again in my opinion, is wrong headed and destined for failure. This has happened far too often for the town and its people to bury their heads now.

Transparency. Now.

Rachael Hughes-Lester/Moraga

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