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Woman Shoots Self In Front Of San Ramon Police Officers Wednesday; Dies At Hospital

Photo: Andrew Gonsalves

San Ramon police say a distraught woman has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound fired as officers attempted to talk her into dropping her weapon in a parking lot outside 4000 Executive Parkway Wednesday.

Police said the incident was first reported at approximately 11:30 a.m. in the area of Executive Parkway and Bishop Drive in San Ramon, after officers received a call that a woman was expressing suicidal thoughts to her husband. Officers arriving at the scene in an attempt to contact the woman reported that she pulled a gun, cocked it, and fired a shot into her abdomen as they looked on.

Officers quickly initiated life-saving measures and emergency medical personnel were ushered into the scene to assist with those procedures. The woman was rushed to a local hospital – where she was pronounced deceased, police said.

Witnesses were stunned by the incident. Deliveryman Joe Valle, making a delivery nearby, said he heard police cars and shouted commands and looked up.

“Then I heard the shot,” Valle said. “It was sharp like, enough to know what it was, but a little muffled. I did duck down.”


  1. Oh my heart goes out to her! She was obviously distraught over something. I hope and pray she survives and maybe can have a very good turn around in life after such an ordeal.

    • I just don’t think that if the police were really trying to talk her down, they all wouldn’t have pulled their guns NOT TO SAY ALSO THEIR SHOT GUNS AND AIME THEM AT HER. She felt trapped. Maybe she was just trying to stand up and someone freaked and shot her??!! How will we ever really know…..they can tell their side of the story but that poor woman is gone. We’ll never know her side to the story. There are a lot of people that were in that building that day…something will come out.

  2. First – thoughts and prayers as this is sure to be an uncertain and painful time for her family. Second – the suicide rate in this country is the highest it has been since world war 2. Since World War 2. It is very odd that in this case the deceased was a woman and used a gun. It boggles.

  3. Interesting comments…empathy for her and for her family. Yet, it seems that none of us commenting know her or her ordeal or her choices. We do seem to understand the violence and the finality of it all very well.

    • What is there to do besides offer you sympathy for someone if you don’t know them or were involved in there lives. The people who know what was happening with this person are probably trying to deal with the loss. There aren’t many tragedies that are worse.

      • What is there to do? You can offer your condolences and your prayers and accept the violence as though this is normal. The NRA and congressional republicans are recommending that. I would choose differently.

  4. So tragic. I pray for her soul and I hope that she is at peace. We dont know what evils she was facing. It could have been so many things from illness to financial problems to loss to so much more. I cant imagine the pain her spouse felt. She called him for a reason either out of love or hate. God Bless them both.

    • Morning, Daniel – it is not the practice of this site to report on suicides as a general rule – unless of course by their nature the act is conducted in public view and, thusly, impacts the public at large, as this case did. We did not feel justified in airing out the details of a person’s life shortly before they took it beyond what we presented. Apparently you feel differently.

  5. Thank you, News24/680 for protecting hers and her family’s privacy. I know that is a difficult choice in the Journalism world, but much appreciated by her family I’m sure. People’s curiosity can drive the news cycle, but victimizing her family would have been morbid. Your professionalism is awesome.

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