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DUI Driver Faces Two Murder Counts In Deaths Of Walnut Creek Man, Infant Daughter

Jessica Martin. Photo: WCPD

Two counts of murder have been filed against the Tennessee woman accused of driving while intoxicated the night her car plowed into three others on the S. Broadway extension at Rudgear Road – the second count against her filed today following the passing of an 8-month-old child in the car with her father the night of the crash.

Officials were notified that the child had died of injuries received in the Oct. 25 collision at Children’s Hospital in Oakland today, Tuesday.

Upon review, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office charged Jessica Martin, 35, with two counts of murder and one count of driving under the influence of alcohol causing great bodily injury and one count of driving with a .08 percent blood alcohol content causing injury after her car crashed into one driven by Hector Garza, 45.

Garza was declared deceased at the scene of the collision. His daughter Camilla was found critically injured inside the wreckage of the family car. Another driver, unidentified by police, was also critically injured in the crash. A third driver suffered minor injuries.

A GoFundMe page has been built on behalf of Hector and Camilla and is attracting widespread support.

Martin, who along with a male passenger suffered minor injuries the night of the crash, remains in custody. Her bail is set at $2.1 million.


  1. If these are the actions of a “Soros-backed” DA, I fully approve! DA Becton has also been very aggressive in going after child molestors and pornographers.

  2. I was sick when I first heard of this crash. We can’t imagine what that family is feeling and going through right now. So very sorry that this happened.

  3. Unbelievable tragedy for this family. It sounds like there is support for them but is there anything else they need?

  4. Charging murder in a DUI death, as opposed to some lesser charge such as vehicular manslaughter, is not a position often taken by zombie-liberals. This DA appears to take DUI seriously. Give her time to make some changes in her office. Then evaluate.

    • No politics here please. Inappropriate in my opinion. A family is grieving. Charges have been filed. I want to know what happens and I’m watching closely for updates.

      • This is a news story, not an obituary, and a charge of murder for this horrific DUI is a strong statement by the DA, in my opinion. And, as you can see from the first post, the DA and comments about the DA have been a topic this week on this website. I am just echoing the sentiment of the first comment which is that the alt-right talking points about this DA are (surprise) not credible.

        • I understand your point. I’m merely asking that we be able to comment on those news stories WITHOUT political sniping to the right OR left. I know that we are living in altered times but I would just like to confine our attention to the very pressing and distressing news story at hand and be able to weigh the facts as they surface without invoking party or affiliation, etc. Thank you.

  5. Has there been any word of prior offenses by the driver? Extremely sad and tragic case. I’m glad I didn’t have to work it and I hope those who did get some backup. Had to be terrible. Our thoughts are with this family.

    • Jacksonville, Florida (2010), Vehicular Manslaughter – 18 year sentence. 10 years probation. She was 27, and it was her second DUI. Which means she’s straight out of prison.

      I agree with “this is a news story, not an obituary.” But others didn’t grant me the same courtesy on another thread. Except Mia. Thank you Mia.

      All opinions should be respected, and it’s up to the moderator.

      • Not the same person, Danielle. Same name, circumstances but NO relation between the person convicted in Florida and the suspect arrested for this crash.

        • I stand corrected. I asked a friend of mine (male lawyer) what the difference in the charges were, and I think he told me malice intent (or something like that) and he forwarded the News4 story to me. I guess we both need to keep in mind that Martin is a common surname.

          I’ll keep the weight off you…

          • Ha! Common surname and – sadly and unfortunately – a surfeit of similar cases. Gotta run… phones are jumping today!

  6. I wouldn’t call rushing to one’s keyboard to cast blame on a grieving mother for her child’s death something that demands courtesy from others, when such act itself shows extreme discourtesy. In contrast, lauding a DA for bringing appropriate charges here hardly seems something disturbing. In any event, Ms Blakesleigh, please ignore the comments — they are not news and as you can see herein, some are even rushing to create “fake news” with the usual air of authority — thankfully the moderator quickly set them straight.

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