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Moraga PD, Other Jurisdictions Track, Arrest Juvenile Purse Snatch Suspect

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Moraga police, spearheaded by the investigative work of Det. Kevin Mooney, joined other jurisdictions in tracking and arresting a serial robbery suspect after a July 30 purse snatching in Moraga – an investigation that eventually led to the arrest of a 17-year-old San Leandro teen, police said Monday.

Lt. Brian South said Mooney identified the youth responsible for the crime using store surveillance imagery and contacts with neighboring jurisdictions who had experienced similar thefts.

The youthful suspect allegedly charged several purchases to his victim’s credit cards after the Moraga theft as well as others around the East Bay, South said.

South said Mooney’s work paid off when the juvenile, unnamed due to his age, was arrested August 12. Numerous felony charges have been filed against the teen in connection with his alleged crime in Moraga and elsewhere, according to South.

The strong-arm robbery, unusual for Moraga, attracted attention after the suspect approached a local woman in the Moraga Shopping Center at around 4:30 p.m., taking her purse from her and fleeing to a waiting car near the Moraga Safeway – a good Samaritan giving chase, South said.

Police said the suspect immediately used the woman’s credit cards to make purchases at several local stores.


  1. It takes a real man to steal a womans purse. I hope he goes to juvenile for a long time for this. Creeper.

  2. Yeah, I can imagine that stunning this punk would be very satisfying, not legal necessarily, but satisfying. He preys on the weak.

  3. Very good work, police agencies!
    I just worry now that this young criminal will go before that notable liberal judge who will just turn him loose, without punishment & rehabilitation.
    That will not do Society any good, nor that young individual.

  4. You have to wonder if they are worried about racking up so many felonys at such an early age — and then you have to wonder about what new tricks their going to learn in jail.

  5. This sort of crap is everywhere now. I hope the victim is all right and gets the opportunity to look her attacker in the eye in court.

  6. my guess is this alone will not lead to much time, assuming no priors. my guess is the public overestimates the penalties people pay for such crimes. too many people in prison, jail, etc. For an example, Friday I saw a guy between cars shooting up, and texted police. they texted back unless a policeman sees this, it is a misteminor (sp) and they wont arrest. Then I remembered I had this same text and same reply a few months back (I am always at Civic Center station on Friday night. Same thing at least two of the four days a month…) I did talk to a police sgt, who confirmed no arrest will occur. These officers know the law better than Perry Mason. Anyway, it is every person for themselves.

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