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Alamo Car Burglars Trigger A Home Surveillance Camera; Image Captured For Posterity

Car burglar on the job in Alamo, as captured by a home surveillance system.

If you read us regularly you know that car burglaries are especially prevalent right now, with roving groups of thieves picking off computers and musical instruments and a whole bunch more as people sleep.

A reader in Alamo sent us this photo of a crew at work, telling us three guys in a sedan were cruising the neighborhoods – at 2:55 a.m. Wednesday morning in this case – and plundering cars for what they could get.

We’re told this group broke the window of a car on Granite Circle and is believed to have taken several computers from an unlocked vehicle nearby.

The Mantra is: Don’t Leave Anything in Your Car You Don’t Want Stolen. If these guys – and others – see it and want it, they will take it.

Our thanks to the reader who sent this screen capture in to us so that we all may learn something.


  1. I know I’ll get shsssshed or snowflak bashed for victim blaming but if you don’t want to lose it don’t leave it in the car.

  2. Lost my school books. And they broke a side window to get it. Don’t ask me why they would want that

  3. Can’t we catch one or two of these guys and leave him strung up on the edge of town as a warning to others?

  4. Wow, that’s pretty extreme, Walt….but if our California politicians and criminal justice system doesn’t start locking up some of these thugs, instead of letting them feed off of the public, the public might start taking matters into their own hands out of utter frustration of the disconnect of the ‘social justice’ movement and the true need to lock up criminals.

    • Right. Walt was joking, weren’t you, Walt? You were joking, right? We are aware of growing public dissatisfaction with this situation and we’re hoping folks don’t start taking the law into their own hands. Walt’s not alone there…

  5. The increase in these types of incidents is the result of pro-criminal legislation like Prop 47, Prop 57, AB 109, “prison realignment” initiative, etc. We need more jails and stiffer penalties to deal with these scumbags. California’s attempts at criminal justice reform are failing and law abiding citizens are suffering more and more.

  6. Prop 47 did not increase violent crime, burglaries, or auto thefts. It may have contributed to an increase in larceny thefts, the bulk of this increase coming from thefts from cars. The best solution is not to leave items of value in your car, especially an unlocked car.

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