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Alameda County Fire, Moraga-Orinda Crew Render Honors In Whiskeytown

Photo: Alameda County Fire

Ed: This post and series of photos comes to us from Alameda County Fire. If you recognize any of the locals, let us know. The Flag still carries a lot of meaning for many of us – even when it’s flying in the pitch black and over charred and smoking ground:

Tonight at the Carr Fire, XAL Task Force 2006 with Task Force Leader/ACFD Battalion Chief Chuck Palmer and a crew from the Moraga-Orinda Fire District were assigned to check the N.E.E.D. Camp at Whiskeytown Park when they found an American Flag undamaged and still flying at the Whiskeytown Cemetery.

Photos: Alameda County Fire

To honor the firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice while fighting the Carr Fire and Ferguson Fire, Battalion Chief Palmer and Moraga-Orinda firefighters were determined to lower the flag to half staff in their memory. Using a ladder to get the flag loose from the pull (since the halyard had come free of the flag), they were successful.


  1. Bought and paid for with the lives of their colleagues. Sad and proud at the same time. Oorah.

  2. My beloved sister-in-law and her mother are buried in that cemetery. In September we plan bury my nephew there with them.

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