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Walnut Creek Businesses Board Up Sunday


Ryan Thompson was out and about in Walnut Creek today, Sunday, when he confirmed that downtown businesses were fortifying their storefronts in preparation for what some say could be a busy night.

The Walnut Creek Apple store had a new facade Sunday…

Quiet, peaceful protests have continued throughout the day in the 24/680 – though there was a report of someone brandishing a gun in the direction of demonstrators in Benicia this morning. We’re out and about and will report any substantive developments.


  1. These people bent on destroying private property have nothing to do with the protesters.

    These destructive thugs are common terrorists with only chaos and harm for other people.

    These thugs arrive in large numbers bent on destroying everything they can and harming anyone 12 of them can beat up.

    They are cowards who cannot act on their own but only in groups.

    They need to be met with large numbers and an overwhelming strength of force that can arrest and jail those who have committed crimes.

    Their leaders need to be found, arrested, and jailed with no leniency.

    Until we meet force with force, we cannot win this battle for a free America.

  2. My heart hurts for the poor man’s death. Especially when he was calling for his mother at the end. But these protesters now have hardened my heart and I’m fed up with them and their supposed message. Why smash and loot Walnut Creek now? (And don’t tell me to make their point- as it is going to backfire on them)

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