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Apple Broadway Plaza – A Modernist’s Dream – Set For July 28 Opening In Walnut Creek

Early rendering, looking from existing fountain to facade: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Apple’s vision of itself apparently includes impressive expanses of glass, water, and its own electronics – a modern tabernacle of technology in downtown Walnut Creek.

That the store should choose the ultra-sleek look and feel of modern architecture to showcase its product line would come as no surprise as the company moves to freshen up its existing storefronts (with the old Walnut Creek location really just a few doors down from the new) in the country and around the world.

The Walnut Creek store opening is calendared for July 28 at 10 a.m., two days after the firm christens its Apple Piazza Liberty location in Milan – and don’t think there’s no pressure attached to bringing a sleek new tech outlet and planting it squarely amidst Italy’s 16th century architectural wonders.


Techies and architects alike have been interested in the building’s design since news of its arrival in Walnut Creek first began to surface – along with teasingly glistening renderings of its construction – more than a year ago. By all accounts the structure is expected to live up to Apple’s vision of itself as a modernized Town Square, a place for a community to gather, connect, and, presumably, to shop.

Construction Screen Peepers haven’t had to work too hard to get an idea of what’s ahead for the city and its residents as the floor-to-ceiling glass windows (currently as common in new construction as avocado-green bathroom fixtures were in the 1960s) began to go in after its foundational steel frame was put in place. Other design aficionados have taken note of the tall, planked ceilings and some landscaping, apparently in place to help soften the edges of all that glass and to make the place more inviting to visitors.

And although Apple has yet to be officially listed among the Plaza’s high-profile occupants, when christened they will take their place next to locals like Tesla and Amazon, among others when all is said and done – while still a short walk down S. Main to their old location next to Tiffany’s.


  1. Frankly, I could care less. I don’t like Apple products. Purchased full set 8 years ago for thousands, only to go back to android. They were not worth the money or hassle. Their Tech Service is excellent, and you sure need them. I always resented how Apple products could not interact well with other computer systems. Even now, in business, I resent that when I send normal attachments to other business that use Mac, and they complain that can’t open them. That is their fault.
    It will be interesting to see the lines for this place. The way it is now, there is usually a long line in front of the Main Street location, waiting in line well before the doors even open in the morning…..and I know this sounds ‘judgement’, but I am always amazed at the line’s make up of people on skate boards, scooters, all with backpacks, et al. I guess I am just part of the wrong generation. Thank God!

  2. I’ll be down for a look because I like good architecture and they have the money to pull it off but I’m off Apple products. It will be interesting to see what they did with all that cash.

    • Between Niemans and Crate and Barrel. I walk by it every day. Starting to come together. It’s pretty unremarkable looking IMO. So far.

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