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Martinez Police Talk Man Down From Muir Trestle Friday

The Muir Trestle

Martinez police sealed off a portion of Alhambra Way under the town’s fabled iron trestle bridge after a man climbed the structure and – apparently – threatened to leap off.

Police said things first came to their attention at about 10:20 a.m., when their dispatch received a call of a subject jumping in and out of traffic with a boulder in his hands trying to hit vehicles on Muir Station Road. Officers arrived on scene and located the subject pacing back and forth on the train trestle above Alhambra Way near Muir Station. This trestle is roughly 75 to 100 feet above the roadway.

Officers attempted to coax the subject down from the trestle, but he began throwing railroad spikes and large rocks from the railway at officers and passing vehicles before the roadway could be shut down.  At least one vehicle was severely damaged, but nobody was injured.  The subject then began throwing large rocks at houses while walking west along the tracks.  During this time, the railway had to be shut down to all trains in the area.

After repeated attempts to get the subject to come down off the tracks, and as the subject was continuing to throw rocks and balancing along the outer top edge of the trestle’s guard rail, a decision was made to request Central County SWAT.  Crisis negotiators and tactical team members arrived shortly after and took over the scene.

After negotiating for approximately two and a half hours, the subject agreed to come off the trestle and was safely taken into custody.  During the negotiation, it was determined the subject had been involved in an earlier hit and run in the City of Martinez.

The subject in this incident was identified as 30-year-old, Martinez resident, Christopher Busby.  Busby was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility for multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon, felony vandalism and obstructing an officer.  Busby’s bail was $225,000 at the time of booking. No photograph is available at this time.

If you have any additional information regarding this incident, please contact Martinez Police Dispatch at (925)372-3440


  1. “I can’t drive. My life sucks. No one pays any attention to me… I know, I’m going to climb up on the trestle and throw things at people…”

    • We’ve found ourselves pondering what we’d do if our lives unraveled and the dog died and we ended up just really losing it. Climbing a railway trestle and throwing rocks off wasn’t on the list, but there you go…

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