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Walnut Creek Resident Thanks Strangers Who Took Time Out To Help



Allow me use your pages in the wild hope of reaching two very perfect strangers who took time out from their lives to come to the aid of my struggling mom “Donna” after her fall on the Iron Horse Trail Monday.

Mom was alone and without her walking aid when she took a tumble behind Las Lomas and was feeling more than helpless and frightened when you arrived on the scene.

She didn’t get your names (“Good looking man, thirties, baseball cap, great legs – same for the girl”) when you approached, kindly overcame her pride and got her back on her feet. She said she rested her hand across the woman’s back as she very gently picked the grit and pebbles out of the wound to her knee.

Your offer of a ride home was more gratefully received than she was able to tell you at the time and she realized you kept your eyes on her as long as you could before parting ways.

We got the full story when we saw her that night and while she remembered giving you her name she didn’t get or can’t remember yours.

If you happen to read this please accept our family’s deepest thanks for your simple act of gracious kindness.

The Giacomettis
Walnut Creek


  1. A random act of kindness. Kudos to the lady and gentleman who helped your mom. It restores my faith in humanity…

  2. Yes — that was a departure from your usual newsy fare. I expected them to write And then a purse snatcher came out of nowhere and robbed them all! Great letter.

  3. This made me miss my mom even more and she has been gone for years now. I’m glad there are still some nice people left in the world. Sometimes I have to wonder.

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