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Cougar Sighting In Pleasant Hill Wednesday


Officials in Pleasant Hill say a mountain lion was spotted about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday in the area of Edna Drive and Marguerite Avenue.

Contra Costa County Animal Control has been advised of the sighting. If you happen to see a mountain lion do not turn and run from the animal, back away and dial police as quickly as possible.


    • About 20 – many of them quite good. We still want to see a real cougar in the wild though, the four-legged kind.

  1. I was wondering when the cougars would come for the turkeys! I’m talking mountain lions and bird turkeys of course. Time for some population control!

  2. This is in my zip code. Would love to catch a glimpse or possibly even provide a photo if I get that lucky.

    • We happen to agree with you, Dallas, but the messaging came from the police/city officials and that is their recommended course of action.

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