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Walnut Creek Police Determine Holland Drive Deaths Result Of Murder-Suicide


Investigators have determined the deaths of a Walnut Creek couple found Tuesday afternoon in their Holland Drive home were the result of a murder-suicide carried out by the husband – contractor Richard Huber Jr., 66.

They believe Huber, owner of Dean Huber Construction for the past 19 years, shot his wife Sarah, 68, before turning the gun on himself. The couple was found Tuesday after a friend, concerned they had not seen the pair in several days, notified police after going to the home and encountering a distinct odor after failing to get a response from anyone inside.

Police entering the couple’s Holland Drive home found the couple dead of gunshot wounds. Reports that a family pet had also been shot and killed could not be immediately confirmed. It was not immediately known how long the couple were inside the residence before their bodies were discovered.

Readers of this site wrote about meeting with Richard Huber about future contracting services in recent weeks, with the contractor giving no indication that anything may have been amiss at home. Friends and neighbors have said the couple may have been dealing with some health issues of late, and that Huber was known to have guns in the residence.

Sarah Huber worked in support of her husband’s contracting business, friends said.

Walnut Creek police asked anyone with specific information about the couple to call Walnut Creek Police Department Detective Sergeant Andy Brown at 925-256-3553.


  1. From what I hear even people who knew him really well were stunned by this news. Condolences and prayers.

  2. Saw your first alert on this and couldn’t believe it. I hope they were able to talk with someone about what they were going through. Thoughts for their family.

  3. I saw them just two weeks ago when they drove me to a medical appointment and then I bought them lunch at Lucille’s. Until recently, they were on the ushering team at church. They started a new church at CPC in Danville and were enjoying it, so there was no sign of this going on before or at this time. In fact they purchased tickets to a concert in a month or two while they were with me so they were looking forward to the future on May 3.

    • I am trying to get in touch with her church. Please contact me if you can provide the church information.

      • Hi Marilyn, So sorry for your loss. They attended and volunteered at New Life Church in Alamo for a number of years. According to another poster, they recently started attending CPC. That stands for Community Presbyterian Church; it is in Danville. Praying for you and all the family.

  4. I happen to think this age group is under more stress and pressure now than any other time since the Great Depression.

    • Interesting point, Tim, and one we are examining as resources once available for people who find themselves in health and financial crises appear to be on the wane.

  5. It’s unfortunate the police had to classify this as murder/suicide. While legally correct, a much more accurate description would be euthanasia / suicide. Sarah suffered physically for years.

    • Thank you for raising this point, Jim, as we obviously could not. We were aware the scenario you lay out may have been in play soon after we first reported this story and it raises many, many questions for those of us left behind who may find themselves in a similar place. We hope to be able to address it formally in future.

    • Heartbreaking. Thought we might be going this way when you first broke this story. It happens when people reach the end of their ability to cope.

  6. Hi this is Sarah’s sister in law. We are trying to get in touch with their church. We are missing Sarah and don’t have her contact list. Please reply if you can help. We are planning to take care of her remains the week but don’t know beyond that. Thank you for the condolences.

    • Hi, Marilyn – Thanks for reaching out. We’ve very sorry to have to make contact in this way. If anyone can help Marilyn and the family out here, we hope you can accommodate them.

        • Hi Dee. We are so saddened about this tragedy. Trying to figure out everything. We are coming up once the coroner opens the home. Don’t know why this happened. We have known Dean for 30 years. Sarah never spoke badly about him. Someone gave me the name of their church.

          Thank you. Sorry for your loss too.

  7. The police reported a struggle. Sarah didn’t suffer for so long to be shot by the love of her life. Dean wasn’t in his right mind. Please pray for both of them. We don’t know why.

    • Hi Marilyn, I haven’t been tracking this site, but a friend told me yesterday that people were still posting. Dean and Sarah were close friends of mine and while I have some thoughts on what truly took place, I suppose I won’t ever know while on this earth. I was actually very surprised with the comment that Dean and Sarah had changed churches. I know that the friend who went to their home was from New Life Church. If they had, it was very recent. I’m still really struggling with this. I’m not sure what I can help with, but feel free to connect with me.

      • Carolyn,

        We won’t know what happened in the end. I know they were facing a lot of issues and it appears that they were at risk for this type of final tragic end. We are so saddened, beyond belief. I don’t really want to share anymore on this board, but maybe this site can provide you with my email.

  8. Is it unusual for a site like this to be so far ahead of other local news sources? On this story and others? DAYS ahead?

    • Can’t speak for others, Teresa, but we’re committed to bringing our readers news and information – often as it is happening. We don’t work like other news outlets and tend to keep our heads down, concentrating on doing what we do. We’ve been told it has put us out ahead of the pack on several stories and that is apparently so. We always liked being ahead of the pack instead of running with it!

      • I noticed some people questioning your information on your Facebook. Because they weren’t seeing it anywhere else.

        • It can be lonely dancing out there at the tip of that spear at times, it’s true! But we welcome that examination – and use it ourselves – in determining our source for news during our research. It has become apparent to us over the years, however, that people trust us. And we do not intend to betray that trust.

  9. Oh my gosh… I just looked up Sarah and Dean after trying to contact them. I was working on a new website for their Danville Kitchen and Bath business and had not heard from them in awhile (which was unusual). I had met them both a couple of times and thought they were wonderfully cheerful (especially Sarah). This is so sad. I will keep them and everyone else concerned in my thoughts, prayers and meditations.

    • Thanks for checking in, Shadow. Sarah reached out to this site last year on a business matter – the news also hit us particularly hard. All best.

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