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Couple Found Dead In Their Walnut Creek Home Tuesday


The bodies of a local couple were found dead in their Holland Drive home Tuesday with Walnut Creek police remaining on scene for much of the day in an apparent effort to establish the circumstances leading up to their deaths.

On Wednesday, coroner’s deputies identified the male decedent as Richard Dean Huber, 66, of Walnut Creek. No information was released regarding the cause of Huber’s death or a second victim, believed to be his wife, who was also found dead in the home Tuesday.

Officers were called to the 1800 block of Holland Drive shortly after 2 p.m. Tuesday when an individual, concerned that they had not heard or seen the couple in several days, went to the residence and noted a suspicious odor emanating from inside. Police found the couple dead inside after gaining access to the home.

Richard Huber and his wife Sarah ran a local construction business for nearly 20 years. Information that at least one of the couple may have been experiencing health issues could not be confirmed.

We’ll provide additional details, if pertinent, when they become available.


  1. @Danielle – Couple of scenarios before us here and we hope to have some more definitive information soon. We’ll update this story as soon as we get anything pertinent.

  2. I saw Danielle’s comment and remembered reading just this weekend about elderly couples who forget to turn off their keyless operated cars (Lexus seemed to be a real problem.) and then die of carbon monoxide poisoning as the car fills their house with the gas. I hope this wasn’t the case and I encourage anyone who might have elderly parents with a keyless operated car to discuss this danger.

    • We can see it, especially among older folks for whom hearing may be a problem. Still no official determination made in this specific case however.

    • We’re not quite sure, Charles… it may be that they are attempting to contact her family and haven’t yet reached the ones they wanted to reach. Limited police contact assures us that there is no threat presented to the community at large, but there are still some gaps in this one that we’re hoping to fill.

  3. Sounds like murder suicide and if that is how it all comes out we offer our condolences as many people experience financial or health problems in life and make very drastic decisions as a result. Very very sad.

  4. Still no update? This is tragic regardless of how it happened but hoping for answers that somehow make it easier to accept.

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