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Armed Robbery Suspect Leads Police On 100mph Chase Along Highway 24 Tuesday

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A suspect wanted in connection with an armed robbery in Oakley earlier Tuesday led police on a 100mph chase along westbound Highway 24, into the Caldecott Tunnel and out onto southbound Highway 13.

Several jurisdictions handed off the pursuit as the suspect’s car, a black Audi with red paper plates, passed through their respective areas. We believe the car was spotted either by Bay Point or Concord officers initially. The driver appeared to comply with officers when he pulled his car off Highway 680 in Walnut Creek, then abruptly steered back onto the freeway and sped away. The suspect reportedly hit speeds of 110mph after leaving the Caldecott and heavy traffic behind.

This is a developing story but we believe the suspect in this case held up a person for her cell phone and a bag containing money in Oakley around 9:20 a.m. Tuesday.

We’ll update this story with pertinent information when we get it. The car and suspect were last seen running south at high speed on Highway 13.


  1. very dangerous. think if you are on the freeway and this speeder is coming up on you. kiss your life goodbye if there is a collision. Police judgement amazingly poor in these instances

    • Jim – would your opinion change at all if you knew the police were after an armed robber who had robbed a person at gunpoint earlier in the day versus, say, a carload of shoplifters who had just made off with a twelve-pack from 7Eleven?

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