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Thieves Steal Meds At Gunpoint From Danville CVS Tuesday, Escape In Prius


Danville police are searching for a man and woman who robbed a Danville CVS Pharmacy at 650 San Ramon Valley Blvd. Tuesday – displaying a black handgun to backup a demand for medication and escaping in a Toyota Prius.

The robbery was reported at 8:11 a.m., with employees telling officers a white male wearing a hospital mask entering the business and demanding medications. A small, black handgun was displayed, employees said.

The gunman reportedly walked outside to a waiting Prius after the robbery, a white woman sitting behind the wheel. The Prius reportedly had personalized, legacy California (black and yellow) license plates reading: RXZILLA.

The car was last seen heading eastbound on Diablo Road.

Veteran readers may remember a similar theft reported on these pages back in September of last year.


  1. At some point pharmacies will install bulletproof glass and your transactions will be conducted via those metal drawers that many convenience stores use during the night.

  2. Bulletproof glass will protect employees, but it won’t stop armed robberies. They continue to happen in banks. If it stopped bank robberies, all banks would install them.

  3. I’ll bet the gun was a fake. Perp knew the “rules” and flashing the gun would yield immediate compliance. Perhaps he doesn’t know the rule that flashing a toy gun is still armed robbery.

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