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Nude Thunder-Runner Lights Up The 24/680 Sunday – Social Media Blazing

Police move in on a possibly armed man cornered in Antioch Sunday. PHOTO: Mike Burkholder/ECT

A man, apparently wanted by Oakland police for a carjacking in their city and apparently driving without benefit of clothing, led a convoy of police on a bizarre chase through the 24/680 and on into Antioch Sunday.

The unidentified subject was eventually cornered on a residential street in Antioch, surrounded by police and slowly, we are told, putting his clothes back on while police SWAT negotiators attempt to talk him out of the car.

At approximately 4 p.m. SWAT officers fired tear gas rounds into the car, according to East County Times Publisher Mike Burkholder, who was nearby.

“We were watching the car when the windows just shattered and dropped away,” Burkholder said. “And it was clear they had fired tear gas into the car.”

Reports that the man was armed with a knife and possibly driving while under the influence could not, obviously, be immediately confirmed.

Photo: Michael Pohl of Eastcountytoday

Several readers expressed disbelief as the strange scene passed them at speeds upwards of 100 mph.

It was not known why the suspect decided to drive to Antioch. We’ll have more if information warrants, though his visit to the 24/680 was relatively brief.


  1. Always seems like the people who want to take their clothes off are the ones society wants to keep their clothes on.

    • @Alice – We get a lot of feedback about those. We like to engage in wordplay where we can, without taking away from the story. That one, again, was written as the story was unfolding.

  2. If I ever get my 30 seconds of fame I don’t want it to be me staring blankly at the camera from the back of an ambulance.

  3. We were on vacation when we got your Flash. I said no way but hubby said wait and see – you’ve never been wrong yet. He was right.

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