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“Calling All Car…”-Lovers – Can You ID This Car?

Can you ID this car?

We know you’re all out there knocking back a few Freedom Dogs and a Pinot today but the on-duty crew at Lafayette PD was hoping our volunteer crime lab would take a moment to help ID the make, model, year of this car – which the PD folks believe is a VW Passat, but…

And, yes, sharp-eyed Reader Folk, this is the one used in the recent armed robbery of a neighbor in Lafayette so if you could put your bottomless knowledge of bumpers and tail light configurations to good use a lot of folks would be grateful.

Here’s another view:

As usual, as in most things in life, there are no rewards offered for your hard work and insight, though we may offer a much-prized NEWS24/680 Reporter’s Cap if the person to nail down this automotive riddle doesn’t already have one.

We’ll be interested to see if one of the Old Guard of shifters and ‘rodders nail this one or if we have some new players aboard, as we suspect.

We shall see. And, oh, yes… have a great Fourth of July.

“Calling all cars…”


  1. 2011-14 Jetta, no doubt about it.

    Doesn’t appear to have the fog lamps flanking the lower air intake, so it’s likely an SE model.

  2. I think it’s a ’57 Chevy. It’s what people drove when they “logically shopped” for used items (flea markets, garage sales, etc.) instead of doing business on a “criminal breeding ground” website, and inviting more crime into Lamorinda.

    Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

  3. What is the ratio of succesful sales versus frauds and cons and ripoffs on the online sales sight – which I assume was CL???

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