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Hand Grenade(s) Turn Up At Moraga PD Headquarters; Walnut Creek Bomb Squad Defuses Situation

An array of vintage hand explosives.

UPDATE: Per Moraga Police Lt. Brian South the devices, apparently more than one, were examined and safely removed by the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad. They turned out to be military grade smoke grenades, according to the lieutenant.

We thank him for the update and all is returned to normal after a mildly nerve-wracking morning on Rheem Boulevard.

Initial Story:
Moraga PD quickly called for assistance from Moraga-Orinda Fire and the Walnut Creek PD explosives unit to help in identifying and safely disposing of the device.An explosive device, believed to be vintage but of unknown type, was found at Moraga police headquarters on Rheem Boulevard Wednesday, ostensibly after a citizen brought it in or left it at the offices for disposal.


  1. You forgot one important detail:

    “The man was last seen driving away in first-generation Ford Granada station wagon.”

  2. There is no way that any of those are smoke grenades. The one on the left is an illumination grenade and the one in the middle could be a MK II fragmentation grenade or a practice grenade. I’d have to see the bottom to be sure. The one on the right might be a CS tear gas grenade but I’m not sure. Civilian bomb squads have little, if any, knowledge about military ordnance.

    • @Rich – We understand completely, Rich. Photo is an array of old ordnance meant to illustrate types of weapons out there. We have no photo of the grenades discovered today.

  3. Oh for Pete’s sake! The poor Police Department ……….. to have somebody bring stuff like that in and leave it on their counter. Sorry it happened to you.
    Frankly why didn’t this citizen call the authorities when they spotted the devices where they were? I guess there are some dumb people out there.

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