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Tech Thieves Swarm Walnut Creek Apple Store Monday; Make Off With Gear


A small squad of thieves who witnesses said “seemed to know exactly what they wanted” swarmed the Walnut Creek Apple Store Monday – gathering up MacBooks and a large number of iPhones before escaping – cables dangling and security devices chirping.

Witnesses said the thieves, numbering at least three but perhaps with additional accomplices waiting in a car outside, entered the business at 8:48 p.m. Monday and began gathering up computers and phones while stunned shoppers looked on.

This is video from an earlier robbery:

Employees who spoke with NEWS24/680 on the condition their names not be given said it appeared the group knew precisely what pieces of hardware to take, eventually stealing three MacBooks and about 20 iPhones near the entrance to the store employees were getting ready to close for the evening.

Passersby pointed out the direction the men had taken to police, who were in the area quickly, but it is believed the men left the area in a car last seen heading out of town on Olympic Blvd.

An Alamo resident in the Walnut Creek store when thieves swarmed the display tables on March 6 – also a Monday night – described a bizarre scene as they fled, leaping barriers and getting into two cars, driving away at high speed. Stolen MacBooks were reportedly found in a nearby parking lot, according to the witness.

Bay Area Apple Stores have been the frequent target of thieves in past months, though employees would not say if the Walnut Creek location had experienced previous thefts.


  1. It’s store policy to back off and let them have it and I think it’s probable that these things will continue as long as the policy is in effect.

  2. The video tape should be as entertaining as all the others Apple has shot with they are being robbed.

  3. I thought they were attached to those tables by security cables. Those guys had no problem getting them out of the store.

  4. Gee, the employees of the store sure seemed nonchalant with the robbery, and even seemed to move out of the way to let them steal what they wanted. I’m surprised they didn’t hold the front doors open for them too.
    I hear this is the policy of many stores these days, and while I can understand part of it, it sure does not deter theft especially when you combine the current laws return criminals pretty quickly.

  5. I don’t like the stores policy when it comes to theft. The criminal wins – until they’re caught. But I understand the policy. They’re concerned about liability.

    As much as I dislike the policy, the policy is correct. When it comes to liability, it’s not worth it. Employees will get fired – and they know it.

    I worked retail in high school in the 70s – and it was policy back then.

  6. I understand the guys at the Genius Bar were mobilized and waiting to challenge the thieves to a game of D&D.

  7. The iPhones and Macs are presumably “activation locked” / “firmware locked” which means they can never be used for anything useful.

  8. Since this occurred one day shy of the 26th anniversary of the Sacramento Good Guys! hostage crisis, I’m glad Apple has a policy not to confront these criminals. I have no desire to be a bystander who’s taken hostage or shot because Apple wants to defend its iPhone display models.

    • @Tom – That was an awful scenario. Remember that one… And we agree the company appears willing to sacrifice some product over the life of an employee or customer. Of course, the bad guys know that…

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