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It’s A CAVU Day In The 24/680 – And Trixie Has The Sky To Herself

"Trixie." She promises not to Loop The Loop over the 24/680 Split ever again...

G’morning, GroundHuggers! How are you all this morning, making your way along our freeways on your way to work – so far, so good!

This is the kind of morning us open cockpit types dream of: brisk, cloudless, and not another plane in the sky from Buchanan Field to San Ramon and, yes, I can see that far this morning.

Hope y’all had a great weekend doing what you do, watching the kids kick or throw their favorite ball, heading home for dinner and TV night if you’re into that sort of thing. Me? Why, I slipped out of the jodhpurs and into evening wear for a night our with Paco and some of the ground crew at the Mocambo and those grease monkeys sure did clean up good, I’ll admit. We danced the night away and flew back north in time for take-off this morning. Nothing clears the head like a cockpit full of fresh California air, I must say.

There’s a Skywest Bombardier pushing in from the southwest, probably headed up north somewhere by the look of his nose and too high to see Little Old Me down here at 2,000 ft. He’s the only other Kid on the Block this morning and has already left my airspace. I’m alone again and like having the 24/680 to myself.

I’m going to bank south for a look at Danville and San Ramon but I don’t see any sign of trouble brewing up anywhere. Which is good, right? I’ll leave you to your morning… if you see me over your house be sure to wave a hankie and I’ll give you and the kids a wing waggle!

Signing off for now…



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