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CHP Says Road Debris – Not BB Gun Plinker – Behind Shattered Windows At 24/680 Junction

A NEWS24/680 reader sent us this picture of her pockmarked windshield.

A release from the California Highway Patrol, Contra Costa County office: 

Update to debris causing damage at SR-24/I-680

After our combined effort with our partners, further investigation, and observation of the area of SR-24 eastbound and westbound, between I-680 and Pleasant Hill Road, CHP has found no evidence of criminal intent, just debris that has caused the damage. And as a further reminder if debris strikes your vehicle while driving on the highway, pull over to a safe location before inspecting your vehicle’s damage. Then you can call 911 for CHP to come to your location if you’d like a report or come into our office in person in Martinez.

And for further information of reporting damage to the roadway, you can visit CalTrans website HERE.


  1. I am not surprised. I have never had a chipped windscreen then have had three in the last six weeks – two on the same day). The noise was crazy on two of them. I got such a fright thinking I had been shot at or something so I can imagine people thinking this!

  2. I suspected this was the cause. You can look at the road and tell it’s falling apart. Hopefully, this determination will lead to road repair. (I have long wondered if the funding sources to repair 680 and 24 are different since one is an Interstate and the other is not.)

  3. You guys seem to have been the clearing house for reports of broken windows on that stretch of highway…… how many reports did you get?

    • @Tony – Ha! Yes, we sure heard from drivers, more than two dozen of them, in fact, with about a third supplying photos of their battered windows. We leaned to the road debris theory, too, at first, until all the hits started appearing in exactly the same place on the windscreen – which seemed beyond the possibility of random occurrence to us.

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