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Suspects ID’d In El Sobrante Homicide Case; One In Custody

Suspects (from left) Daniel Ortega, Daniel Porter-Kelly (in custody), and Ray Simons. Photos: Contra Costa County Sheriff

Contra Costa County sheriff’s investigators have identified three men believed responsible for a homicide outside an El Sobrante bar and pool room on November 12.

A sheriff’s office sergeant discovered William Sims, 28, of Richmond, lying in the roadway in the area of Appian Way and Garden Lane in El Sobrante at about 2:11 a.m. that Saturday morning. Investigators determined Sims, who worked as a musician and in retail, had been beaten and shot. The victim had no gang ties and no criminal history, according to police.

Detectives believe Sims was at the Capri Club on the 4100 block of Appian Way, where he was robbed and murdered. Three suspects have been identified as having involvement in the crime and one has been arrested.

William Sims
William Sims

A sheriff’s spokesman said 31-year-old Daniel Porter-Kelly of Richmond is in custody. He was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on murder and robbery charges Nov. 16 and has since been formally charged with robbery and murder, with a hate crime enhancement. He is being held without bail.

Detectives are looking for two other suspects: 32-year-old Ray Simons of Hercules and 31-year-old Daniel Ortega of Novato or Richmond. Both have warrants for robbery and murder out for their arrest.

Additionally, detectives also arrested 54-year-old Renee Brown of Novato, the mother of outstanding suspect Daniel Ortega. She was booked into jail on an accessory charge for interfering in the investigation and is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information on this incident or the whereabouts of Ortega and Simons is asked to contact the Office of the Sheriff at (925) 646-2441. They are considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached.

For tips, call (866) 846-3592 to leave an anonymous voice message or email: tips@so.cccounty.us.


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  3. There are some bad dudes out there. Was the victim in this case specifically targeted? Surprised this isn’t getting more attention.

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