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Rolling Knife Fight On Highway 24 In Orinda Injures One

Photo: CHP

A bizarre rolling altercation between the occupants of two cars traveling east on Highway 24 Tuesday triggered a frenzied reaction from panicked motorists and prompted a massive response from local law enforcement.

California Highway Patrol spokesman John Fransen reported that his office received a call of a possible collision on the highway at approximately 5:40 p.m., followed by calls of a physical altercation on eastbound Highway 24, near St. Stephens Drive in Orinda.

While CHP units were still responding to this incident additional information was received that a knife fight had ensued between occupants of the cars and that both parties were leaving the scene. A short time later, Lafayette Police advised that they were out with a victim of a stabbing that occurred on the freeway.

When CHP Officers arrived on scene, Orinda Police Department advised that they had a possible suspect detained within their city, according to Fransen.

After further investigation, it was determined that a traffic collision had not occurred but that rather the incident stemmed from a road rage occurrence on Highway 24 in Oakland. When the two cars caught up to each other near St. Stephens Drive one of the men, Steven Irving, 35, from Oakland, threw something at the car of the other motorist, Daryl Johnson, 31, from Hayward. A confrontation quickly escalated after both drivers stopped along the highway and got out of their vehicles.

During the confrontation, Fransen said, both parties produced knives and slashed the tires of each other’s vehicles. At some point, Irving stabbed Johnson in the upper leg and groin region. Johnson was transported to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek for treatment and Irving was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and booked into the Martinez Detention Facility.


    • If you have firsthand knowledge and information of the incident, Michelle, we’d be most willing to hear what you have to say about it.

  1. Didn’t see what started it all but sure saw all the police in Orinda. We wondered what was happening. There was something else on 680 last night too.

  2. @Michelle I’m all ears. What’s your version of events? We saw the Lafayette end of this, whatever it was.

  3. Whatever it was woke up most of Orinda. The story appears purposefully vague. I’m betting these guys knew one another – were beefing over something and are declining to prosecute.

  4. I don’t want to hear from Michelle. Who knows what her reasoning is. I trust law enforcement and reputable news organizations.

    • Well, speaking for us, we’re open to hearing all sides as we’ve not heard from anyone inside either of those cars last night and that’s where whatever happened – happened. But it was apparent from the number of comments and contacts received here last evening that something significant had happened and that a lot of people saw bits and pieces of it. We’re hoping for a full accounting from law enforcement later this morning… thanks for hanging in there with us. Michelle, and her perspective, are welcome as long as we’re within our established parameters for commentary.

  5. I was only speaking for “myself.” I read her post as “defending criminal mentality.” Of course all opinions should be respected…

  6. The updated news story is much closer to the truth thanks for updating it. My Husband who was driving the black car who did not pull a knife nor did he stab anyone and only stabbed the tires of the other guy after he himself was stabbed, so he would stop chasing us down the freeway.

  7. Road rage protocol for sensible persons: 1. Don’t engage; 2. Don’t pull over; 3. Don’t get out of your car; 4. Don’t pull out a weapon; 5. Don’t shoot, stab, maim the other party; 6. Don’t write comments that it was “the other guy” who escalated the situation because you stopped at just stabbing their car…

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