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Another Theft From Pleasant Hill Dick’s Triggers Chase, Arrest, Discovery Of Firearm

Photo: Pleasant Hill PD

Area thieves apparently like the Dick’s Sporting Goods location in Pleasant Hill, visiting it often and leaving with goods they haven’t paid for.

In on such instance Thursday night, Lamont Beamon of Sacramento attracted police attention – fleeing into the Geraldine neighborhood before officers closed in and made the arrest.

Retracing the route Beamon had taken, officers located a Glock 19 handgun with a loaded drum magazine.

Beamon was booked into Martinez Detention Facility on a variety of charges. His preliminary bail was set at $200,000.


  1. How about full time police at Dick’s and Kohls! This is a daily occurrence! Enough already! Is this the community we want to live in? What are the police doing about this?!

  2. Just a regular glock and an illegal mag. the sentencing enhancement is $100 citation for possession, could possibly be 1 year but not likely with these da’s.

    That law is being litigated in duncan v bonta and is currently in the 9th circuit awaiting appointment to an en banc panel (basically 3 judges to hear the arguments on their merits)

  3. Are these people coming to our area because they know our DA will not prosecute? Sacramento is a pretty long commute.. but maybe it’s worth it to the criminals.
    Also, isn’t that mobile crime monitoring unit -that’s the one with the blue light flashing on top- working in front of Dick’s Sporting goods?

    • That magazine will double the weight of your gun, and make concealing, drawing, and aiming a lot more complicated; but I guess when you need to lay down some suppressive fire it could come in handy.

      At least the gun doesn’t appear to have one of those full-auto “Glock switches” installed. Wonder if Lamont (“you big dummy!”) installed that optic himself, or if it was put on by the gun’s rightful owner before it got stolen. I don’t think accurate aiming is a high priority for someone who uses one of those dumb drum mags.

  4. Toni- I don’t think robbery with a weapon falls under Prop 47, but I get why people want to repeal it.

    On the other hand, are we committed to adding to the court’s back log, building more prisons etc?

  5. why did you guys sensor both of my posts? Really? WTF Been posting for a long time here, is there a new person with personal agendas now?

    • Hey, YHHH – we’re committed to keeping the comment streams flowing and we’re watching out for repetitive, anonymous posts – some of which are bearing coded, political messaging designed to get past our censors. Nothing pointed standing out but we are ensuring our boards are moderated.

      • Well the one gentleman keeps pointing out the law that was passed on crime being a misdemeanor under 900$ and we voted for it, i was pointing out we have even bigger problems with the zero bail aka catch and release rinse and repeat. I have not seen one single news site (including news 24/680) acknowledge we as a state voted against the proposition for zero bail yet our guv went around that vote and worked with the courts to implement it anyways. It seems perfectly in place to mention it when people are harping continuously on the non felony theft rule. It is import to note part of the problem is we simply aren’t arresting or punishing people at all for theft under 950, misdemeanors should still be enforceable crimes. Simply doing nothing is not working for anyone but the criminals.

        I have not posted hardly at all recently so I don’t agree censoring my post before was too cool, i certainly wasn’t going around just reposting the same thing all over, however when it comes to local crime discussion zero bail is something that must be discussed. I’ve always felt a personal connection with news 24 680 and often feel you guys are the only sane ones left and I trust you guys to help me in an emergency more than anyone. Didn’t mean to be touchy about the censoring. Thank you.

        • We’ll pivot off your post YHHH and while this isn’t aimed at you specifically we’ll use it as one of those “teachable moments” we hear so much about:

          We get A LOT of mail/comments/threats etc. here at NEWS24/680. It’s part of the gig. One of the most common reader complaints we get is about repetitive posting, obvious trolling etc. in the comment fields. We’re sensitive to that as we get all that mail and posts and people try to slide things by us. It makes moderation a full time job and we don’t have the people, the time, nor the patience to dedicate to keeping the threads clean – which we want to. So, we’re afraid there may be collateral damage from time to time… we advise people to choose their words carefully and to post in the open. If you can’t do those things – don’t post.

          Again, not aimed at you specifically, but that’s what we’re up against…

  6. Yee haw,

    Don’t worry, happens to me periodically.

    Dick’s seems to be targeted frequently, easy freeway access and they took out their gun section.

    Yippee ki yay.

    Firestone 11R

  7. “A man in Richmond, California, was arrested last month after authorities found an illegal cache of 248 guns and 1 million rounds of ammo in his home, the state attorney general said on Thursday.”

    • David,

      It’s never “the gun” that pulls the trigger. Having said that, I am in favor of background checks for all gun purchases, the safety test and probably requiring a few hours of range instruction before ownership transfer.

      Firestone 11R

      • No other peer country in the world has this violence problem at this scale, and the difference is the ready access to powerful guns, weapons of war. You simply can’t pull the trigger on a semi-automatic chef’s knife or baseball bat and spray a church or synagogue or theatre or school like you can here.

        • Look up gun crime by sector of society. Look at who is doing the shooting.

          Further, you hate Trump and think he’s a tyrant, I have seen your other posts. If he wins again, do you really want to disarm innocent law avoiding Americans in the face of such a dangerous, fascist, orange colored tyrant? Why do you want america defenseless against Trump? Answer that.

          • “If he wins again, do you really want to disarm innocent law avoiding Americans in the face of such a dangerous, fascist, orange colored tyrant?”

            Do you even read what you post?
            “innocent law avoiding Americans”?? Who or what is that?
            Dude, “No other peer country in the world has this violence problem at this scale”. Try to comprehend the uniqueness of that problem of our own making before posting a thinly-veiled (“sector of society”), bigoted, somewhat incoherent response.

            Fatal accidents, suicides, and murder/suicides are happening on my block of suburban White America regularly, not with knives or stones, but with guns. We should be able to function, solve problems, like our peers and stop that.

  8. This is going to get much worse as a result of poor voting and social justice policies. Shame on the voters as they will never look in the mirror

    • “Shame on the voters as they will never look in the mirror”
      Your comment is nonsensical to me. The people who care to exercise the voting franchise, VOTE. I don’t see any distinction between pro-xyz voters and anti-xyz voters when it comes to self-reflection. If a person believes in their choice, why would that person feel shame? You see “cause and effect” which others see differently. In addition, your perspective on “poor voting” very obviously depends upon where you find yourself at the end of the vote count. There is no shame in seeing policy differently or interpreting the way forward differently.

  9. Instead of shifting blame backwards, it’s time to address the problem moving forward – if traditional tactics are being one-upped thanks to cell phones & organized crime, we need to adapt our security practices and policing in response to emerging threats.

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