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Suspects In Walnut Creek Robbery Arrested Outside Lafayette BART Wednesday


Two men suspected of robbing a man – ostensibly for his shoes – in Walnut Creek’s Civic Park were apprehended at gunpoint outside the Lafayette BART station Wednesday night.

Lafayette police officers and BART officers, alerted to the presence of two men wanted in connection with the earlier robbery, swarmed them at Happy Valley Road and Deer Hill at about 8:50 p.m.

The pair surrendered without a struggle. A search for a firearm reportedly used in the robbery was conducted but it was not immediately known if one was recovered.

Justin Dornenburg, 21, of Concord
Justin Snyder, 20, of Discovery Bay


  1. Look like Lamorinda kids. I guess they’re getting in on all the free action now too. And why not: As long as their theft was worth less than $850 (and they have no moral values) -there’s not going to be any consequences for stealing.

    • Actually, there is no dollar value threshold for PC 211.

      Penal Code § 211 PC defines the crime of robbery as using force or threats to take property directly from another person and against that person’s will.” Robbery is a felony punishable by up to 9 years in state prison.

    • Robbery by threat or force remains a felony offense, irrespective of the value of the property taken. See Cal. Pen. Code s 211.

      These lil Happy Valley princes are heading upstate to learn what it’s like to live with REAL criminals!

  2. Hood life is now a thing for these kids. Wanna be gangsters. Too bad it won’t end well for them. Poor parenting and low intelligence is a bad combination.

  3. Robbery for a pair of shoes! Wouldn’t look good on a job resume. Depressing.
    Well framed photo by the photographer.

  4. Thats my twin brother Justin Snyder and I told his stupid ass not to kick it w the kid in the red Justin dornenburg because that kid pops pills

  5. Perhaps the editor can explain the relevance to your readership of the various promotional links for a candidate for the 3rd congressional district of California. May God bless him, but I don’t see the relevance, and we have active advocacy.

  6. Sad for them? What about the trauma for the victim? After 37 years of chasing down bad guys in Oakland I watched the trouble and destruction Prop 47 has and is causing. But because of “Restorative Justice” they’ll slide and laugh at doing a few months at the West County Detention Facility instead of going to prison where they belong. They’ll be back at it again….

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