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Blustery Winds Drop Trees, Power Lines In Contra Costa County


Central Contra Costa Residents got a pass overnight, as the first wave was generally mild. This afternoon, all changed when the second wave hit here and downed numerous large trees and lines. First, in Unincorporated Martinez, a large eucalyptus tree fell right between two homes in the 2500 Block of Martinez Ave, knocking out power and vehicles. The Massive 5-6 foot girth was too much along with power lines, for the Contra Costa Fire Crew 12 to cut up. After the rainbow, its on to Pleasant Hill where another large tree fell damaged a shopping center business, and more cars in the 200 block of Longfellow Drive. Videographer: Craig Cannon


  1. This is the first time we’ve been without power for hours and still out.. Started while it was still light now there’s still no heat, no stove, no lights. Might as well pretend we’re camping.!
    Interestingly, neighbor who just bought a new Tesla, came over yielding flashlight and asked that if the power does not come on tonight if he could ride with me to Bart tomorrow, as he doesn’t have enough of a charge to get to work. I think we need to rethink the total electric mandates for our home appliances and cars. The solar panels on our roof idid not generated anything over the last week!

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