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Woman Shot, Wounded When Domestic Scenario Turns Violent In Pleasant Hill Thursday


(11am Friday) CLEOPATRA UPDATE – standoff resolved for the time being, perimeter and Shelter in Place Order lifted for Sherman Acres. Police, apparently believing he was no threat to the surrounding community, opted to leave him in place and continue their attempts to coax him from the home.

ORIGINAL STORY: A woman was hit by a shotgun round fired through the door of a home she shared with her husband on Cleopatra Drive in Pleasant Hill on Thursday, neighbors living the 200 block of that street advised to shelter in place by police as nearby streets were closed and negotiations with the husband undertaken.

The woman suffered a non-life threatening wound and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The incident was reported at approximately 7:05 p.m. with a significant police presence descending on the area. Currently, all traffic in and out of the Sherman Acres neighborhood and east and westbound lanes of Monument Boulevard has been sealed off and people are advised to avoid the area.

Sources tell NEWS24/680 that the individual inside the home is a former Pittsburg police officer and Marine Corps veteran – though we are unable to confirm his service with those agencies at this moment.

The man, whose name we are withholding, reportedly has access to a large cache of weapons inside the residence.

Police first responded to the residence on Cleopatra Drive for a welfare check on an adult female who reported to family that she had been locked out of their home by her husband. Upon arrival, police located the woman, who bore minor injuries to her lower body.
Officers determined the woman had tried to gain entry to the residence through the barricaded side garage door when her husband fired a single round from a shotgun towards the door, striking his wife.
The woman was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries where she was treated and later released.
The husband remained inside the residence, alone.
Officers secured the scene and called crisis negotiators and the Central County SWAT team to the scene. Over several hours, numerous attempts to contact the husband, via telephone and loudspeaker, were made, but he was unresponsive to these attempts. The husband continuously posted to social media during the incident. The posts suggested he may be suicidal.
Crisis negotiators tried for several hours to communicate with the husband with no success. The circumstances surrounding this event indicated the husband was not an immediate threat to the general public. The SWAT team disengaged from the scene and the husband was left alone inside the residence.


  1. Glad to hear his wife will be okay but he’s going to need to go to jail or a psych evaluation. The posts of him looking out his windows are disturbing.

  2. Domestic altercations can become the most dangerous situation for LEO’s. And, with a former officer, this one certainly is, hoping no one else gets injured.

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  3. It really scares me that it appears that the police left the shooter in the home with a ton of weapons and known to be an imminent danger to himself and others.

    • We believe – but of course we don’t know for certain – that on-scene commanders pulled down their outer cordon and freed up traffic on some roads, while leaving the home itself sealed off by SWAT, other officers.

  4. Sounds like special treatment for a former LEO? Hard to believe that police/swat would walk away otherwise. And we’re leaving this guy with an arsenal of weapons? WTF?

  5. Pleasant Hill police has a lot to answer .
    Leaving an active shooter to cool himself sounds like a crazy idea .
    Police brass needs to be held accountable .

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