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Case-Cracking Robbery Team Strike Danville Consignment Store Wednesday


As many as four men attacked the jewelry cases at the Home Consignment Center store, 1901 Camino Ramon, in Danville on Wednesday, stealing nearly $500,000 in jewelry before fleeing the area in a silver or white 2010 Infiniti with damage to the front bumper.

The incident was reported at approximately 3:55 p.m. when black males dressed in hoodies entered the store armed with handguns and equipped with crowbars and hammers, the pair attacking the store’s jewelry cases.

It was not immediately known what, if any, items were taken as the pair quickly fled the scene as the cases proved resistant and police began to flood the area. Their car, driven by an unknown  suspect, was last seen heading in the direction of I680.


  1. I lived in the Central CC area for 54 years before moving away in 2019. I understand it can be convenient to “blame” this criminal trend on COVID or other social issues (some more legitimate than others) but these incidents are getting out of hand (both in frequency and severity). This was particularly brazen – a significant downtown intersection in the midst of the busy evening time when folks are out. I wonder what even triggered these three individuals as a target.

    • I have a brilliant solution! And it seems to escape all the brilliant minds of our time: start locking up some of these criminals in jail! How else are you going to rehabilitate them? What we’re doing now, under the label of compassion and equity, is not working!

      • Dude, robberies like this are felonies. If these people are caught, they will go to jail. Stop hiding behind this imaginary idea that no one goes to jail anymore. It’s BS and is the tiresome lying war cry of the Trump cult.

      • What you are selling, under the label of grievance and victimhood, has sold quite well. However, the market is pretty saturated, and the top salesmen (yes, men) in this movement are scaring the bejesus out of suburban moms and dads as they speak more plainly about where they want this animus to go.

  2. As someone who worked at Children’s Hospital during the Crack problem and volunteers with a few Foster Youth programs, if we need to finger point it aims directly at the failure of our social systems. Ask any country social worker what their workload is like? Recently a baby who died from Fentanyl should have never been sent home with a drug addicted father. Last night there were hearings in Santa Clara trying to place blame. Honestly, and I hate to say it, but we might need to open “orphanages” again. Too few foster homes, too many in need.

    • The “social system “ should be a net to catch the downtrodden so they don’t hit the bottom- Not a trough for the bottom to continually feed from without contribution to society. Criminal behavior is not excusable. Personal responsibility is as dead as the dodos I suppose.

  3. Crowbars and guns but walk out empty handed? Most unsuccessful crooks since Kevin McAllister defended his roost against Harry and Marv.

  4. some of this isn’t correct, i work at home consignment center, no one was armed, there was also 4 guys. smashed 2 jewelry cases, they took almost half a mil in jewelry.

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