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Armed Robbery Reported In Walnut Creek Tuesday; Visiting Police Officer Loses Badge


Two men, one reportedly an off-duty police officer, told Walnut Creek police they were robbed by three armed men at the corner of Bonanza Street and N. Main at approximately 7:30 p.m. Tuesday – the police officer/victim telling police his badge was taken by one of the robbers.

Details of the incident remain murky although the two men told police they were approached by three men – one with a Glock-type pistol equipped with an extended magazine – who demanded their belongings, pistol-whipping one of the victims during the theft.

The trio were described only as black males in ski masks. The men were last seen driving south on N. Main in a white Lexus.

An ambulance was summoned to the scene to examine and treat the man who said he’d been pistol-whipped.

UPDATE: 1p.m., Dec. 6
UNCONFIRMED reports that this crew attempted a similar robbery in Oakland following the incident in Walnut Creek and were arrested.

Police badge and multiple guns reportedly recovered.

WCPD issued an update late Wednesday:

At approximately 7:36 p.m. Tuesday, Walnut Creek Police Dispatch received a 911 call of a robbery on the 1500 block of Bonanza St. Walnut Creek police officers responded to the scene and located two victims. The victims said they were approached by three male suspects wearing all black clothing and masks. One of the suspects was armed with a dark-colored handgun. The suspects stole the victim’s wallet, pistol-whipped and stole the bag of the other victim, and fled the scene in a white Lexus. The victim who was assaulted sustained minor injuries and was treated at the scene.

Walnut Creek Police Detectives, in coordination with the Oakland Police Department, located the white Lexus in Oakland. Walnut Creek Police Detectives arrested two suspects, Elias Alcorn and Daymonee Johnson, and recovered stolen property from this robbery. Both were booked at the Martinez Detention Facility for the following charges with a bail of $250,000:
• PC 211 – Robbery
• PC 245 – Assault with a Deadly Weapon
• PC 182(A)(1) – Conspiracy to Commit a Crime


  1. Wow, so much wrong with this one. #1 being that off duty Leo’s should carry two wallets and never hand over badge or if. More later.

    Firestone 11R

  2. Breaking news! Woke WCPD actually released a suspect description of BLACK men, wow! Good job, News24/680, other “news” outlets don’t do that when it’s obvious. Ghetto rats target WC as it’s easy prey – has WCPS solved a single robbery case like this in the past year – can that be determined?

    • Micharl – Coupla things:
      1. Can you direct us to WCPD release/description regarding this incident?
      2. If you read us, you know we include racial descriptions of suspects when necessary – such as during critical incidents when such information is useful in finding suspects/protecting others.
      3. Such information has, unfortunately, been used to slander people by race and we are sensitive to that usage, frown on it, and WILL NOT ALLOW IT when it is obviously in play.
      4. We take no position PRO or CON regarding local law enforcement, preferring to report on stories when they happen with no skew. BUT a quick read of our archives will reveal successful arrests/prosecutions by this department and other local departments.

  3. Were they in the car at the time? Think about it – you’re in the front seat when 3 guys with guns appear, tap tap on your window and demand your wallet- then maybe see the badge?

  4. Whoever wrote this story , you don’t knw your facts!
    The off duty police was out having dinner with his mate. On their anniversary!
    1. They was walking to the car when the mens try to rubbed them . Never was in the car ! Put the gun to theirs heads and rubbed them !
    2. The cops been watching them men rub ppl ! Was tracking the car .
    3. Catch all men !
    4. The off duty police got his stuff back n all .

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