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Siege On Cleopatra Drive In Pleasant Hill Ends; Former Police Officer In Custody

Former Pittsburg Police Det. Chunliam Nai Saechao, wearing ballistic armor and with an unidentified rifle, taken inside his home on Cleopatra Drive

A two-day long siege of a private residence in the Sherman Acres neighborhood of Pleasant Hill ended with gunfire and shouted commands early Saturday as police tactical officers moved in to take a former Pittsburg police officer into custody after he opened fire on armored cars.

Chunliam Nai Saechao, ex-policeman and U.S. Marine, was taken into custody early Saturday morning. An ambulance was summoned to the scene though it was not immediately known what, if any injuries were sustained during the operation.

Saechao had kept federal and local police at bay, his neighborhood under lockdown, and a curious public wondering what would become of him as news of the siege at 227 Cleopatra began to spread – helped in part by Saechao’s incessant posting to a social media account in which he invoked the name of Elon Musk, various right wing government officials, and cited the failed presidential bid of a former president.

Saechao fired numerous shots from inside his house (rifle and shotgun) at armored police vehicles parked in front of his residence early Saturday, injuring no one.

Tactical officers remained in contact with him through the morning before taking him into custody shortly before 8 am.


    • Or….after being police officer you start going crazy because all the work you do arresting the bad guys is quickly undone by judges and the district attorney- only to face the same criminals again and again at your own risk. Plus if you accidentally hurt one of these criminals during an arrest, you’re in big trouble, and can be jailed. And civilly sued and lose your house. I would not want that job for anything! Law enforcement officers show the greatest restraint and endurance of any humans I know. I respect them greatly!

      • You might want to consider the possibility that not all police officers are good, or competent, or mentally stable when they take the job. Some are simply wrong for it. I mean, it does happen in every other field of employment. Your notion that every failed police officer is a victim of his/her work environment is laughable.
        It’s this whole victimhood mindset all over again. Police Officer is a difficult job! It should not surprise anyone that many have some of the skills but fail the overall challenge of it. When they do demonstrably fail, the citizens should have protections from them returning to “service” somewhere just down the road from where they failed.

  1. What kind of weapons did he have access to? It would have impacted my decision to approach the house.

    • Yes! And then load that broken mind with delusion-filled conspiracies and give it targets. We are entering Manchurian Candidate territory and real lives are being threatened through the ether every day. This guy might have fired his animus at a different target under different circumstances. Think DePape.

  2. DePape had a delusion and a hammer. Imagine a well-armed former Marine and LEO caught up in the same delusional world view with a target in his sight other than the immediate obstacle, his wife. This is the threat that is being fueled every day WITH WORDS by he who must not be named.

  3. That first image is priceless. A man in a bath-robe overlayed with body armor and a rifle while laying bare his real-time thoughts on social media. He recently shot his wife at that location. His life is in danger due to SWAT presence at that location. Where is his focus in that self-photo and what does that reveal?

  4. Some illuminating comments here. What’s even more illuminating is what little information the local news stations are reporting about his various “right wing” social media posts, but I guess that’s playing with dynamite. People are now so far down the rabbit hole, there’s no way out but to pull the trigger. We’re all paying the price. Once again, News24/680 gets the scoop!

    • “98% of cops are just fine, occasionally one slips through the hiring and field training process.” What? And misses a parking infraction? No.

      Shoots his wife? Yes. Shoots disoriented homeless people. Officer Hall? Yes. Moral turpitude in Antioch PD? Yes. Oakland? Yes. Psych exam failures in Alameda County Sheriffs? Yes. Inordinate suicides? Yes.

      98% “just fine”? Not where you or I live.

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