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Tuesday TattleTales – Zoomies, Movies, Flying Tortillas, Andy Goes Bad


Full of The Stoke this morning as The Rolling Stones, Stripped is thundering the newsroom and breathing new life into the gasping, heaving newsies who chased stories and jet fighters over the weekend and on into the early morning hours of this new week.

Funny how it took some punky, gittar-slingin’ English Boys to figure out American Blues and gospel music and sell it back to us as new but, hey, that’s the way it worked and here we are jamming to their tunes – Miss Lisa Fischer, Bobby Keys and Charlie getting us through a rainy California night.

And, yes, the Barista machine is up and pumping out black fuel so the words may string out a little more than usual this morning. Veteran readers may feel inclined to help the newbies scratching their heads as they read this and utter: “What in the hell is this guy on at eight in the morning?”

Well, a lot of Rock ‘n Roll, Joy Java, blistering sax solos and a 4 a.m. streaming of A Face In The Crowd – wondering all the while if it’s really necessary to sleep and how Elia Kazan and Andy Griffith happened to nail the American 2023 political scene from waaaaay back in 1957.

For those unfamiliar with the movie Griffith, as Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes, is left screaming for Patty Neal from the penthouse his populist appeal built for him after she opened his mic and let his adoring, dare we say cult-like followers in on his little secret – and if you want to find out what that is rent the dang movie. It’s a good’un (Thanks, Sean!)

Movies carried us into the morning and a messy crash on Highway 24 near the Wilder exit in Orinda, motorist reports of “bodies” on the highway turning out to be people allegedly fleeing from the scene. Flashers and Tipsters have been reporting all sorts of strange occurrences on our roadways lately and we’ve seen our first Drive-by Tortilla… uh, what? Flapping? – as a carload of folks unloaded on another car, papering it with the tasty burrito delivery wrappers.

Hopefully some were recovered for evidence. Or lunch, perhaps.

Let’s see, in other news as Ronnie shows us how to play slide guitar, we were told to prepare for changes in the local healthcare sector as this prolonged skilled worker crisis begins to take it’s toll on supporting clinics. Don’t know if that’s sunk in, yet, but apparently it will.

We’d talk about Israel and Gaza but some don’t like us to stray too far outside the confines of the 24/680 so we’ll refrain. But if you want to address the issue you should know how by now.

Let’s see, burglars at work and they like to come in via the back door. And they’re messy, sooo…

That’ll do it for now. The Barista is signaling for a decalcification and we may need one a those ourselves someday soon… going to keep rocking on all fronts until then, or until we pass out from lack of sleep.



  1. Put away the thesaurus, and attempt to write in the way someone under sixty would understand. It would improve the product. Your audience will dwindle if they’re all AARP folks. I’m 46, regarded as an old soul and can barely hang in there.

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