Home Photos “And He’s Dowwwn…” – WCPD Officers Wrap Subject Carefully After BART Scrum

“And He’s Dowwwn…” – WCPD Officers Wrap Subject Carefully After BART Scrum


Walnut Creek Police apply restrictive wrap, spit guard, and protective helmet to a combative in-custody suspect at the Walnut Creek Bart Station, Walnut Creek, Calif. on October 8th, 2023.

Sunday’s football game was wrapping up when WCPD officers were called to the station to deal with a feisty subject who apparently didn’t appreciate their presence or attention, a minor scrum resulted and officers applied protective gear to prevent injury.


  1. Another crazy man at BART, so what’s new? He wanders to Walnut Creek via BART and starts behavior that is
    common to Market St. Doesn’t mention any help from BART Police. Glad to see the WCPD join the rugby game
    and subdue the perp. Does WCPD use tasers?

  2. Just another day in The Wild West. Hey, I called in to WCPD for a gentleman who was walking eastbound on Ygnacio strolling in his underwear, probably should have made the contact myself.

    Firestone 11R

  3. Hey! I’ve seen him around WC Bart before!
    He was not acting up at that time, though he clearly jumped over the fairgate without paying. Those ‘bumblebee’ sports shoes were the giveaway! Face confirms it.

    • It’s not every job that offers the opportunity to find humor in the humiliation of others. Professional football may be another.

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