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Moraga Blitz Robbery Nets Sizable Retail Haul For Carload Of Teen Thieves Tuesday


A crew of thieves stole a substantial number of handbags and other designer goods from the TJ Maxx store on Center Avenue in Rheem Tuesday, the 5 to 6 black male juveniles responsible for the crime escaping in a black Infiniti with tinted windows.

The multiple-suspect robbery was reported at 1:49 p.m., the crew of masked juvenile suspects gathering up high-end designer handbags and other goods and escaping after reportedly tussling with a patron who attempted to intervene (we would like to speak with that person if he is reading).

No injuries were reported. The crew ran to the waiting Infiniti and were believed to have left towards Orinda.

Several thousand dollars worth of goods was estimated to have been taken.

The Infiniti, believed stolen for use in the Moraga crime and others, was reportedly used in a prior armed robbery in Oakland earlier in the day Tuesday.

Tuesday’s theft was the latest of a series of multiple-suspect swarm or blitz-style robberies conducted at the Moraga location and, certainly, at other retail locations throughout the Bay Area.

The store was also raided in late August.


  1. Curious about the timeline for the TJ Max robbery, since 1:49 p.m. is after we saw OPD apparently looking for someone today. We saw a lot of Orinda police vehicles along Moraga Way around 10:30 a.m. this morning, and then, when we returned, we saw three OPD vehicles near Moraga Way around 1 p.m. or so this afternoon. That is why I checked 24-680 today–to see what OPD might be looking for. Perhaps they had been alerted earlier about the Oakland robbery and stolen car?

    • Thanks for checking with us but there were a number of separate and random callouts in the area this morning. Don’t believe connected but, what do we know in the long run… we’re civilians!

  2. So the Cadlicott tunnel was used for the “commute” again? Well at least they didn’t use their guns in Moraga…at least this time.
    Hey, DAs in Alameda a Contra Costa counties: we are getting tired of this! Please start to prosecute!

    • Yay. I can see it all now – someone drops a wine bottle in TJ and 2 dozen heavily armed housewives draw and bam bam bam. Can’t wait.

      • Your vision is skewed. The sheriff won’t issue CCW to just anyone. There are extensive background checks and mandatory trainings before you’re even considered. Some day, one of these CCW holders could be the one to save you or a family member from a deadly threat.

        When seconds matter the police are only minutes away

  3. TJ Maxx in Moravia is not close to freeway. It takes about 10-15 min to get there on narrow two way road. How come police wasn’t able to catch those “rats” knowing what kind of car was used during robbery?

  4. there may be a post on nextdoor about a found infiniti today on Redwood … can’t find it now … I need to stop my detective work and go to bed.

  5. It’s a loooong 2-lane road and more than a few ferry rides to Moravia from the freeway. They have cats in Moravia. So, not an apt comparison.

  6. If caught and arrested, 2-3 days in juvenile hall and then released and charges dropped. Social injustice in action.

  7. I didn’t see it but I understand the male customer pinned one of the little twerps on the ground and was definitely getting his licks in before he was pulled off?

  8. 6% of population commits 50% of violent crime… Those pesky “teens” up to their hijinks again. A Clockwork Orange continues in the Lamorinda area. We crossed the border into NV on 9/29/19. A once nice place when I attended Sleepy Hollow and Miramonte oh so long ago when Black’s Market and Sprouse-Rietz were still there. Tommy Snow had yet to be murdered on Hwy 24. Get out while you still can.

    • Sleepy Hollow and Miramonte class of ’68. Orinda/Moraga used to be a great place.
      Now??? I’m long gone. Between the political environment and the social decay….I’m glad I’m not there anymore.

      • YOU’RE glad you’re not here any more?! Don’t know where you went and don’t care but we’re doing just fine thanks.

  9. Why don’t we have personal asset protection, armed guards at every retail store now!??? Seems to be the ONLY solution since we voted to allow criminals to take as they please, harm citizens in their way & get off scott free in our new law-less cities!! They know the DAs won’t prosecute, and they’ll be back out on the streets in no time to do it again and again!!! Where is our City & State Leadership???….. Ohhh that’s right they’re busy protecting the criminals not the tax paying citizens!!!

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