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(More) Photos From Tuesday’s Pro-Israel March In Walnut Creek




    • That’s great. I just can’t find a side that is representing Western Civilization at the moment. Barbarism from Hamas. The State of Israel brings down the hammer on the millions in the middle (no food, water, fuel, power), and it’s an Old Testament free for all with no winners. The State oppresses Palestinians. Hamas works for Iran not Palestinians. Neither side has democratic representation currently. Choose your butcher. Who/what are you for? Western Civilization is not currently in the list of choices.

  1. David, Hamas accomplished what it wanted with you which is to win the propaganda war. They did the most horrific things to babies women and children and now you’re feeling sorry for them. This is exactly what they knew was going to happen ithis is their propaganda, and you fell for it.

    • So true Rob. These are the most horrific videos and stories of Satan’s army, hamas. Cannot believe any sane person would still back hamas.

    • Speaking of propaganda, maybe you should read what I actually wrote. For example, “Barbarism from Hamas” and “Old Testament free for all with no winners”. There are no winners here. Hamas gets what it wants by scuttling any talk of peace, and there will be hell to pay for it.

      • David,

        Oh, Israel will win, the Palestinians will lose usual. There will never be a two state solution, the Saudi’s revert to anti-Israel, their traditional religious belief, Iran will continue to be a pariah. Remember Jamal Kishogi.

        Firestone 21R

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