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Circuitous Oakland PD Chase Bisects Lamorinda Wednesday

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An air and ground pursuit of three men wanted in connection with an assault with a deadly weapon case in Oakland whipsawed through Lamorinda – entering from the Canyon side – and briefly toured the area before heading back to Berkeley on westbound Highway 24 Wednesday.

The pursuit, which at times included several police cars and both police and media helicopters, ended with a crash near Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. Three men aboard a Dodge Charger were taken into custody after fleeing into the surrounding neighborhood.

The chase attracted the attention of our Flash Alert subscribers when it approached Moraga from Canyon, veered onto Moraga Road and wended its way into Lafayette before hooking a westbound left on Highway 24 and speeding back toward Oakland/Berkeley and ultimately crashing.


  1. For some reason, I have noticed a good amount of Dodge-badged vehicles being involved in many of the LEO pursuits/evasions in our neighborhood of late. Is it just me ? Probably not the attention sought by the Stellantis marketing folks.

    Glad the suspects were taken into custody and hopefully with no injuries to the good guys.

    • Pretty cray. Challengers Chargers and Hellcats do seem to be involved in a lot of this stuff. 70 were taken in one night in San Leandro and I think they were parted out all over the state. I don’t know if there s and organization behind all that is going on but there is definitely organization involved. Time will tell

  2. If it hadn’t been for your alerts we never would have known this was going on. Never heard a siren and we live along the parade route. I was starting to doubt you when my neighbor told me to turn on the TV and there was the car. Insane.

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