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Frazzled Danville Residents Get A Chance To Talk With A PG&E Human


Town Council presentation addresses recent, ongoing power outages.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company representatives are expected to be on hand at tonight’s Danville Town Council Meeting following a request from town officials asking for insight into frequent, neighborhood-darkening power outages in the area.

Danville residents are by no means alone in the sentiment they are being singled out by the utility and that an explanation of the frequent outages is in order. Residents of other towns and cities have also complained, exasperated by their inability to speak with a human when the lights go out.

PG&E Regional Vice President Aaron Johnson and government relations specialist Sarah Yoell are scheduled to give an update on the town’s recent power problems at the start of tonight’s council meeting, 5 p.m., at the Town Offices.

Their appearance was scheduled following publication of an open letter to the power company from Town Manager Joe Calabrigo, a correspondence driven in part by a rise in complaints from Danville residents upset by the frequency and duration of local blackouts.

“Despite ad campaigns that tout PG&E investments in system upgrades to make the distribution system safer and more reliable than ever, I cannot recall any other point in time during my tenure with the town when PG&E’s distribution system and the management of that system have seemed less reliable than they are right now,” Calabrigo wrote in mid-August.

PG&E officials have said that ongoing repairs to infrastructure in Danville and Alamo – expected to be completed as work progressed in August – were behind the outages.

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