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Robbery Near Rossmoor Safeway Tuesday

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A Jeep-load of thieves confronted and robbed a man of his wallet and other belongings near the Rossmoor Safeway Tuesday, reportedly also attempting to make off with the victim’s car but unable to operate a stick shift.

An ambulance was summoned to the location of the robbery, reported at about 9:50pm, but it was not known what injuries were inflicted.

Police were looking for a gold Jeep Cherokee with three suspects aboard – described as a black female driver and two black male passengers of unknown age. There was no immediate word on what, if any, weapons were used during commission of the crime.

The same gold Jeep Grand Cherokee was reportedly involved in the robbery of a 60-year-old woman whose cross-strap purse was taken in the approximate location around 5:30 p.m. Monday.


  1. Robbery in and of itself is a bad act, and for the victim to be a presumed elderly gent (based upon scene of crime), adds another layer of reprehensibility. I hope any injuries incurred where were either non-existent or minor in nature.

    The only consolation taken by yours truly from this incident, was the fact that the alleged perpetrators were thwarted
    in the attempted vehicle theft by their ineptitude in operating a “3 on the tree” / “4 on the floor” / or other variant of a manual transmission. That was clutch….literally and figuratively.

  2. New hunting grounds for the criminals. No respect for older folks. Hope they catch them and lock em up. One can dream, right?

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