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Rossmoorians Sound Off (Silently) Against Acts Of Bigotry And Hatred


Citing the recent murder of three African-American citizens by a gunman in a predominantly black neighborhood of Jacksonville, Fla., residents of Rossmoor in Walnut Creek turned out in a silent vigil against hatred and bigotry Sunday.

Residents turned out to condemn the shootings and hatred behind them, expressing their sorrow with an hour of silence and honoring those killed while decrying hatred, racism, antisemitism, and bigotry in all its forms.

Members of several local community groups lined up on the sidewalks of Golden Rain and Rossmoor Parkway to make their position known.


  1. And what else do they plan to do about it?
    There’s a constant protester standing on Rossmore Parkway with her signs saying that Rossmore should have more black residents. Nice idea. There’s no reason that it’s not happening. It is a free housing market there. Maybe they need to share their own homes or sell at special discounts to help achieve the goal. Protesting is fine but you got to back it up with action.

    • If you live in Rossmoor, I’m surprised that you don’t understand (or maybe even care to know) why she stands out on Rossmoor Parkway. Try asking her.

    • So crazy how Greg T is allowed to be openly racist on this website. I’m not allowed to confront people about their ignorance on here but Greg T can say that all blacks are poor and it’s all good with 24/680! What a clown show.

      • I’d be suspicious of a site that didn’t have opposing, even openly bigoted views these days — because those views are often expressed in Contra Costa County, either openly or behind closed doors. It’s not News24680 s job to reeducate these people – its their job to uphold the 1st Amendment. And that’s what they do.

  2. I am vested in your query, Bob, and I say: change the channel; open the windows. Let some fresh air and sunshine stream in.

  3. Good message, strong turnout and necessary I guess as we seem to be sliding backward to a time I we thought we all had left behind.

  4. We all have work to do. The first step is to stand up. “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.” -Ernest Hemingway

  5. I love the obvious signs. “White supremacy is hate.” Was that ever a debate amongst the 99% of people? it’s not a difficult thing to virtue signal obvious disgusting human behavior. I hope they stand up for the homicide victims of the Bay Area of 2022 (309 in 14 most populous cities) while i understand protesting for national tragedies and sympathize with this particular victims family, it is odd we don’t focus on our own issues closer to home as an anecdote of this whole thing.

    • “it is odd we don’t focus on our own issues closer to home”
      I think it odd that you don’t see racism and antisemitism as an issue worthy of our focus HERE, where we live. It’s a pretty visible problem right here.

      • I agree it’s worthy of our focus here, I find it odd we use a national story to project our feelings when there are countless others that happen locally that are “worthy of our focus HERE”

        I think we agree on this topic I just find it odd that we have 300 plus examples last year of hate and we use a national story as a reason to protest instead of the 300 others that are local to our area.

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