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Downtown Walnut Creek Serial Burglar Arraigned On Felony Charges

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Also Charged Separately with Drug Sales and Possession

From the Office of the District Attorney:

Martinez, California – The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office filed a 15-count felony complaint on August 4th against 40-year-old Jarvis Leigh Ferguson of Daly City for a string of commercial burglaries in Walnut Creek. Ferguson was also charged on August 10th for selling and possessing controlled substances.

Ferguson was arraigned in Superior Court in Martinez on August 7th and pled not guilty to the commercial burglary charges. He committed the offenses between July 16th and July 24th targeting restaurants and a hair salon in Walnut Creek during non-business hours. Walnut Creek Police investigated the burglaries and found the methods used in the crimes were similar. Moreover, once evidence was collected and analyzed from the affected businesses, it led police to Ferguson as the primary suspect.

Ferguson faces seven counts of second-degree commercial burglary [PC 459], six counts of grand theft of property [PC487(a)], and two counts of vandalism causing over $400 in damage [PC594(a)].

In a separate filing, Ferguson will be on August 11th on a four-count felony complaint for possessing and selling methamphetamine and cocaine on August 2nd. Two counts are for violating HS 11378 for the possession or sale of a controlled substance, and two counts for violating HS 11379(a) to sell or offer to sell a controlled substance.

Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton said, “We’re grateful to Walnut Creek Police who thoroughly investigated these brazen burglaries and drug offenses. Those who engage in such criminality will continue to be prosecuted by my office.”

Ferguson is currently in custody at the West County Detention Facility with a bail amount currently set at $375,000.


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