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Mt. Diablo High Student Robbed At Gunpoint Thursday

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Police are currently investigating the armed robbery of a student at Concord’s Mt. Diablo High School Thursday morning.

Calls from readers indicate that police have stopped a group of possible suspects but it is unknown if they are connected to the incident, reported at about 10:55 a.m. Readers are reporting a sizable police presence in the area of Todos Santos Plaza with arrests being made.

Approximately a dozen people are believed to be in custody.

An account of the robbery came to light when the victim sought help at Mt. Diablo High, administrators contacting police, who fanned out in search of an older model sedan with three Hispanic males aboard.

Initial reports are that the trio parked the car a short distance away from the school, then approached their victim on foot – displaying a pistol of undetermined type. Some personal belongings and other items were taken. The student was not believed to have been physically injured.


    • Tail-end of this story – police making arrests, searching for evidence after robbery earlier in the morning.


    • Yessir… PD stopped some potential suspects and we believe arrests are being made, despite some reluctance from alleged participants.


  1. “Gee Wally…Eddy Haskell got in trouble at school today…he was caught chewing gum!….no kidding, Beaver? No kidding, Wally.”
    * Boy! Have times changed! *

        • Just a reminder that this wasn’t a case of anyone bringing a gun to school but rather of a student being accosted, robbed a couple of blocks off campus.


          • When I read the first sentence of the article I too initially thought the crime happened on campus.

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