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Woman Arrested After Lafayette Circle Purse-Snatch Sunday


A woman was allegedly pushed to the ground and robbed of her purse in the 200 block of Lafayette Circle on Sunday, a female suspect managing to get only a short distance away before she was detained by police.

The incident occurred at approximately 5:30 p.m. with officers responding and stopping a woman fitting a given description as she was running west on Mt. Diablo Boulevard.

The victim was not believed to have been injured during the theft.


  1. Saw the resulting hullabaloo in front of Barranco while enjoying dinner. Multiple police cars and officers on the scene.

        • That’s right right, “Tay” – and while we regularly give the sort of racial description you and others are angling for it is for a reason: that person is on the loose, a potential danger to the public, and in need of containment. That’s not the case here.

          The Journalists

          • I have always been taught and practiced teaching yo the fullest people equal and there are many great cultures. I only discriminate against jerks and violent people. No matter the color. When there is a possibility of a recurring crime or a violent person is on the loose I do much appreciate news24 680 listing descriptions as going down the path of protecting criminals is not a healthy path to take. Keep up the good work. Where i think the mugshot can be important is in warning not just the public but people who may be aquatinted or work with, or a neighbor a of person and they are now informed wow this person might be dangerous or violent.

          • Thanks for the post, YHHH –
            We will seize the opportunity to point out that while many may feel the media (increasingly blamed for everything from clogged drains to bad manners) is responsible for “suppression” of mugshots of individuals tied to various crimes it needs to be pointed out that – in all but the most extreme cases – Police departments across California are PROHIBITED from releasing said photos under state law. We agree that publishing such a photo would help in identifying/avoiding potentially dangerous individuals and argue for their release wherever and whenever appropriate.

        • You’re looking for info to help you feel good about the way you want them to look in your head. That’s clear. Descriptions are issued for people that are being sought. It’s as simple as that.

          Find me a news outlet anywhere that writes up a physical description of an already arrested individual. A mug shot might be posted if available, but never a written description in an article such as this.

          • James Mac is correct. Some people are desperate for a racial description because it (might) fit into certain preconceived notions. For some reason, this is important to them.

            NEWS24-680 – Keep up the fine work.

  2. ” Running West on Mt. Diablo Boulevard” .. I’m smiling because you know my usual comments about the “Caldecott Tunnel:

  3. I’m glad the suspect was caught.

    Mmm Sunday at 5:30 pm … makes you wonder, Sunday evening what stores was the suspect planning to shop at with the stolen charge cards. Many department stores.would be closed. I guess you could buy gas and groceries.

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