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Active Saturday Night In The 24/680


It may have been a little quieter than normal in the downtown clubs Saturday but the neighborhoods were busy, with a car fire attracting attention in Walnut Creek and a high-speed pursuit running from Concord along our namesake highways and out through the Caldecott.

A Dodge Charger was reported on fire in the 1500 block of Morgan Lane in Walnut Creek at about 11:20 pm, the pursuit at around that time after a suspected car burglar fled from an angry homeowner and then police, blazing through the Caldecott Tunnel and on into Oakland-Berkeley before officers lost sight of it.


  1. Someone also punched the security guard at Clayton Valley Bowl when he was told the bowling shoes needed to be kept inside the bowling alley. Apparently he felt that having to wear his own shoes whenever he left to drink at the (unaffiliated) event center across the parking lot was discrimination and
    a justification for violence. 🤦‍♂️

    • We were aware of that one, B. Believe the police were called and took a dim view of the person’s chosen course of action.


    • We are lucky to have a core group of folks with “the eye,” it’s true. And then there are those FlashPhotos, which have a quality all their own…


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