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Local Lensman Earns NPPA Photo Recognition


Veteran readers may be familiar with the work of Walnut Creek photographer Sean McDonough, whose images appear regularly on our pages. Sean has quite a local following and apparently attracted a few more, recently winning First Place for Spot News photography in the National Press Photographer Association’s monthly regional photo contest. Proud of you, pard!


    • So pleased you think so. Sean is an artist. We’re lucky to have him and other dedicated street journalists bringing the news to people through their photography.

      We always had a soft spot for the “shooters.”


  1. Thanks everyone for the for the kind words and support. And special thanks to News24-680 for providing a great place for local journalism!

    • Sean—
      That prize-winning photo is incredible. Is the full, or even a higher, resolution version posted somewhere? I have an intense desire to pixel peep

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