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Latest Postal Robbery Reported In San Ramon Friday


The latest in a string of armed robberies and burglaries carried out against local postal people was reported Friday when a postal delivery person was robbed at gunpoint on Santa Rosa Avenue.

The victim was reported shaken but unhurt after they were confronted by a lone gunman, black, between 40 and 50 years old, wearing a black hat and back leather jacket. The man was armed with a black pistol.

As in a series of similar cases in Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette and other places in the East Bay, keys and personal belongings were taken.

This site happened to have been talking with another mail carrier, whose delivery vehicle was recently burglarized as they were making a delivery, and news of the stickups has postal workers understandably anxious.

One mail thief, we were told, was recently caught after taking mail from residents living at the Moraga County Club and attempting to use credit cards stolen in the theft at a local store.

Another delivery person was robbed at gunpoint in Walnut Creek on Thursday, losing mailbox keys and other items to the gunman.


  1. News flash for Mr. Tape Loop: crime is not new; crime is not bigger and badder just because you see it or reports of it. The sky has not fallen. The wolf alert has proven false once again, and Comet Ping Pong Pizza is still just pizza…and pong.

    • david,

      Crime rates are up, voters of like mind in California wanted this, or be personally prepared.

      Firestone 11R

      • They are certainly down where I live. Per Moraga Chief, June 2023 data, 54 crimes “midway” 2023 (108 per annum) vs 199, 150,162,155 in prior 4 years for similar crimes.

      • Jeff- Are you really saying that voters in CA wanted crime rates up? This is where you lose me. Did people foolishly vote for Prop 47 because it seemed like a way to clear the courts of non violent property crimes and overcrowding of jails? Yes. Did we anticipate that it would lead to more crime? Absolutely not. I guess shame on those of us who were led to make that decision, but saying that those folks wanted more crime is ridiculous.

        • How is it possible that you actually thought crime would go down if you stopped prosecuting criminals?
          How do you stop overcrowding in jails? Build more jails.
          All you and your ilk of oblivious have done is create more crime and more violent crime.
          Please, stop voting. You’re obviously not very good at it.

  2. Same thing in 2019 all over the country, taking postal keys. It was surmised they were used for election purposes to stuff/remove ballots.

    • “surmise”, a supposition. “to suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it”
      Yeah, we get a lot of that. Some of it has led to violence.

  3. These theft from mail carriers has been ongoing for years, and occur nationwide. They hit red and blue states. Thieves typically use the keys to raid cluster boxes, which bear the same postal key. They then indulge in identity theft from those raids. This is nothing new, except that there are fewer police around anywhere to help catch them.

  4. It actually happened in the cultisac (Santa Rosa Pl) 3 houses from Montevideo. Apparently the mailman’s universal key was not on his keyring so that didn’t get taken, but his cell was and tossed elsewhere.

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