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Tempers Run Hot In Downtown Walnut Creek Monday


Tempers were apparently running as high as the downtown temperature gauges in Walnut Creek on Monday as police were called to have a chat with a man who allegedly assaulted someone in the 2500 block of N. Main Street.

One man was taken into custody at approximately 4:40 p.m. after employees of a nearby store called for assistance and a security guard drew his baton in response to the man’s alleged behavior outside the Goodwill Store.

The unidentified subject was unhappy with the response and expressed his displeasure.


    • Have you ever lived in a shelter? Most ppl want out not in and the food sometimes is just peanut butter/jelly sandwich. Trust me that wasn’t his motive. And the way he was dressed in that heat….

    • Hoody with lid deployed is part of the uniform. Face masks, these days are as well. If one is wearing a Covid mask one can make 1 of 3 presumptions. They are elderly or at risk, a crazy or a perp.

  1. Zoom in on him. Clean clothes, shirt,shoes, doesn’t look in bad shape. Maybe he just needs a Applebee’s gift card and an apology from the W.C. Police and the person he assaulted. Poor baby.

    • Rodger. There is an episode of Cops filmed in Walnut Creek. The cops pull some kids immediately as they exit the freeway and the cop says “I think you got off on the wrong exit” to this car full of kids. One guess as to their color of skin??

      • Curious how many smash and grabs were happening in WC back in those days? Car thefts? Shootings? Lootings?
        As I recall, it was very very close to none…
        I’m sure there’s no correlation between hamstringing police and increased crime. None at all.

  2. Poor police have to put up with this sh*t all the time! And 99% of the time they stay cool and cordial.( what normal citizen could?).. then the 1% of the time that a cop loses it, they get in big trouble.

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