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Letters: Firing The Rage Engineers



Apparently Tucker Carlson is out at Flux News. Don’t know if you’d heard about it.

CNN also cut Don Lemon loose. Neither of their dismissals caused me to lose much sleep.

If you believe the official party line (which I don’t) the story is everyone parted ways after contributing greatly to their respective journalistic “families.” We’ll probably never know all the details until Tuck Tuck and Don write their respective books but one thing seems sure – a lot of people are not happy and the “Fox Nation” of angry uncles you couldn’t invite for Thanksgiving is having a collective aneurism.

Personally I feel these moves are good for the country, a welcome removal of talking heads who attracted off-base audiences for all the wrong reasons.

Fox shelled out $787 million to settle its lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems – a financial admission they knowingly lied and had been routinely lying about the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Texts and emails from Carlson and other Foxy “journalists” proved that the company knew it was lying to keep their rabid viewers from leaving and The Pillow Boy paying for his insane ads.

With these revelations, it’s no wonder Faux News is losing (allegedly) viewers and the stranglehold it once had on conservatives. And that, I believe, is a good thing and reason for America to celebrate.

Their nonsense has been allowed to go on far enough.


Glenn Harrigan/Walnut Creek


  1. Personally I’m happy both are out since I don’t like either one of them. Having said that, while I believe Don Lemon is simply irritating and arrogant, Tucker is actually dangerous due to his ability to promote his brand of propaganda and conspiracy theories.

  2. Both of them were waaaaaay overpaid and waaaaaaay undertalented. Fox could save itself a lot more money for its legal fees by getting rid of Bartiromo, Pirro, Hannity and Ingraham.

  3. I agree with and often myself complain about the direction of journalism which now frequently selects some facts and ignores others to push biased narratives. The facts of who, what, where, when and why have been replaced by storytelling in today’s media. But that is not what this editorial is about, rather there is one small mention of Don Lemon and the remainder is a negative commentary on Fox. Personally, I am very glad there is a Fox and other such conservative outlets. As you saw today, the L.A. Times and the Biden administration seem to be working together, with “press conferences” actually staged events with questions and answers known beforehand. This is so dishonest. As has been said before, the Left wants diversity except diversity of thought.

    I think both political sides need to be heard. Without both sides, we will be a dictatorship. The Leftist press with Biden operatives verifiably suppressed the Biden laptop story, and verifiably was influenced by FBI and other administration sources to mold public opinion in media such as Twitter. The Leftist press is not going to tell you about the laptop tying foreign money to Joe. It will not tell you about the millions of dollars that have gone to Biden family members from China. I recall PBS Frontline claiming the Covid lab leak theory was thoroughly debunked and that it was a conspiracy theory from the Trump administration to shift blame. How dishonest of them. Don’t expect a retraction, because the goal of eliminating Trump was successful. Under this current administration, the government is becoming more authoritarian every day, is weaponizing its resources against political opposition, and working with Leftist media to control the narrative. For many readers even here, the ends clearly justify the means, but for others such as myself, I actually want to know what is going on and not sold on narratives in some Orwellian world. We need more Fox, and not less.

    • LETTER TO THE EDITOR, “Lamorinda Voter.”

      This is a LETTER TO THE EDITOR, not an editorial. You may write one if you wish, as all our readers are free to do. We would, however, require your true name.


  4. I would like to see a few more people removed on both media sides. Both have been inflaming the opposite ends of the spectrum. We need to come back towards the middle!

    • Yeah, I don’t think the answer is finding a middle between honest reporting and deliberate, admitted lying for a political agenda and political party. That’s a false equivalence. “Fair and Balanced” is Orwellian poison.

  5. Saw how Don Lemon did himself in. His arrogance, nastiness and theory about prime women. XD
    Tucker Carlson discovered he was a corporate stooge. His disdain for it was getting too much for him. Fox took notice his expressing this outside the Network. Likely difficulty getting him to tow the line within the network.
    Both are interesting News commentators. I think Don Lemon was driven out by Cancel Culture. Tucker Carlson gets to be more honest with his career. Fox News and CNN remain corporate controlled.
    Check out Russell Brand youtube before he is cancelled for being Katy Perry.s ex-Husband. XD

  6. I see TV news as an attempt at entertainment more than a source of news or even reliable information.

    Carlson and Lemon were in place to attract an audience for advertisers to sell their products to, with the likelihood that the audience would purchase those products.

    The idea that these entertainers could also influence the audience’s views politically is just icing on the cake.

    Lemon and Carlson’s salaries were based on the number of viewers they attracted. Political commentary was just part of the show. Neither of these programs claimed to be news, it was only inferred.

    The fact, as demonstrated from the comments above, that people can become emotionally involved with a simple “show” proves the success of the entertainment program. The influence of entertainment programs to attract viewers keeps advertisers returning their advertisement dollars to the networks.

    That’s the business.

    What people make of it is their own concern.

  7. When someone produces the texts of any journalist outside of Fox admitting they are telling outright lies to their audience, I’ll accept the bothsidesism. Fox is in a category all its own, hosting liars knowingly telling lies. But it’s not done yet. Plenty more lawsuits still in progress.

    • The price is plummeting. You can get one on the dark, dark web for less than post-New-Year’s pricing for a gently used “rowing machine”. I hope you don’t feel burned by the experience…

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