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Letters: School Board Candidates Require Deep Study



I urge neighbors to please study their voter guides this year. It’s important. Conservatives have openly stated they they intend to push their brand of politics state by state and town by town until they achieve the control they want. Several candidates with ties to the right are running for seats on local school district boards.

Please do your homework and vote wisely.

Sharon Thomas/Lafayette


    • We’re definitely living in a multiverse, with moral and mental compasses spinning out of control. I see families torn apart by mere discussion of this topic and that shows you how far we’ve fallen as a country — but I look forward to voting and finding out if I will have to follow through with my plans to move to Belize after the election or not.

  1. A democracy says you vote for your candidate of choice, regardless of political leaning. Moderate, conservative or liberal, it’s nobody else’s business who you vote for. And telling someone who to vote for is overbearing.

  2. Let’s be a community that respects different viewpoints. Do your research. Vote for the candidate of your choice. No need to demean “conservatives” or “candidates with ties to the right.”

  3. Sometimes I feel like the world went nuts. With all due respect, instead of this Democrats good and Conservatives bad comment, perhaps you could explore exactly the issues especially at the school board level. Name the issues. Since your letter is dripping with politics, as a parent I do not want politics taught in the school. Just not. Don’t do it. Its fine to teach what the sides stand for, but not for teachers to indoctrinate. The emphasis on teaching racial and political division is doing harm and its invasive. In my kid’s class the teacher literally had the students hold up their hands as to whether they identify as Democrat or Republican. Ask your kids. My kid knows all about the Virginia Slave Laws but has no clue what the Vietnam war was or when. The economics section I thought should be about demand and supply curves and macroeconomics, and instead had a required movie on why racism harms white people because it lowers productivity for all, along with the not so subtle message that the only racism that exists is white against POC so their racism harms themselves. How can you ethically shame all of the white kids in a class like that? Just stop your race division tactics. Have the ethics to deal with the adults in the room and leave the kids alone. Let them be kids, they are not your raw materials. Back to the actual school issues. Please elaborate.

    • Dear Lamorinda voter, My goodness you make sense!! You just sound like an unbiased, normal thinking person who really cares that kids are educated in the basics, and allowed to judge people according to their character and not their appearance! The kids generally do really well without the interference of the social engineers. It seems like there’s a movement in the schools to hurt the well-being and self esteem of little white boys, and to make all children question their sexuality. These people don’t care about our kids; they have an agenda.

  4. If the wife of a certain Supreme Court Justice is supporting candidates for school board in Lamorinda I think it’s deserving of a look. So I did and it was there. It does make you wonder about their agenda, which was openly stated before they softened their message. Like the author says – do your homework.

    • You are explicitly saying we should vote based upon the beliefs of someone’s wife who is three thousand miles away. In the Washington DC school district, are they voting based on what someone’s wife here said? It’s been a rather lousy couple of years between covid lockdowns, the politicalization of all subjects taught in school, and now an attempted kidnapping at Stanley last month, and yet we are supposed to focus on making statements about national politics through local school board voting.

      • @LamorindaVoter – I am explicitly saying we would be foolish not to ask why “someone’s wife” is funding a local school board election from across the country, just as your hypothetical voter in a Washington DC school district would be foolish not to question why someone in Lamorinda is supporting candidates there.

        • I wish you would be more forthcoming with information. You went from “supporting” to “funding.” Was funding given from her to one or more specific individuals or did she give to some PAC that distributes out money so she is not aware even of the contest. I could not find any information on this so could you post a reference to it? Are you sure it is true? Is it an old college friend? It would be nice to know the circumstances, but again I personally would not vote for or against someone in a local school election because of the opinions of some relative of a notable person somewhere. If there was money, it likely wasn’t much because I looked up Thomas’s net worth and it looks like he could not afford a house in Lamorinda.

  5. When you project an unfocused object on a screen for a diverse audience, be it LCD, CRT, or silver screen, the result is a Rorschach test. This letter has 5 relatively non-specific sentences about the “other side” and “out of towners”. Project what you will in response, but be aware, you are responding/reacting to very little actual information.

  6. An odd and confusingly oblique discussion. As a voter, I definitely don’t want someone telling me who to vote for (not the case here), but I want to know what I am voting FOR, be it a ballot proposition (good luck figuring THOSE out) or a candidate. If you are running for office, make it CLEAR what your political leanings intentions ARE, or I won’t vote for you. Do you support Donald Trump or not?
    Renee Nowac, Gabe Ledeen, Mark Woolway, Robb McSorley and Lisa Disbrow have affiliations and connections to right wing causes and ideology, and they ought to be transparent about that, rather than issue vague platform policy points that suggest centrist ideology when in fact they are outside the mainstream. I think that they all realize that they cannot show their true colors while campaigning in our fairly progressive town if they expect to be elected, so they don’t.

      • That, to my ear, is an odd remark given that AUHSD does not represent a small town, and I judge it inaccurate as metaphor given the sophistication of its residents. No disrespect to pear and cattle ranchers of days gone by, but we residents of the moment are not hornswaggled by the one slate of candidates who stumble and bumble when simply asked who their top one or two contributors might happen to be. I watched the video.

  7. I’ll support those who believe in democracy and telling the truth about our recent elections, that rules out many…

    • It’s interesting that both sides claim and will argue that they are the ones on the side of democracy, and the other side is the danger to democracy.

      • “Once seen as sleepy affairs with little interest outside their communities, school board elections started to heat up last year as parents aired frustrations with pandemic policies. As those issues fade, right-leaning groups are spending millions on candidates who promise to scale back teachings on race and sexuality, remove offending books from libraries and nix plans for gender-neutral bathrooms or transgender-inclusive sports teams.

        “Democrats have countered with their own campaigns portraying Republicans as extremists who want to ban books and rewrite history.” – Huff Post

        • I’ll guess they are on the side of scholarship since scholars seem to agree we are a constitutional federal republic, not a democracy.

        • We are CLEARLY not a democracy. The electoral college defeats a democratic choice of the President. The Senate has never been representative of the people and becomes less and less so as an aggregation of small population states trumps the democratic national majority in modern times. Where have you been? If this were a courtroom, this would be stipulated as uncontested fact.

  8. I see another GOP Savior of the Children and community college board aspirant was just arrested flogging his molly outside an Arizona pre-school.

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