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The ABCs Of ADUs

Letter to the Editor


I wonder if I could presume upon your readers to help our family with a quandary.

We are considering adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to our property in Brentwood and we would like to know if anyone has gone through this and what they have learned from the process. We’re considering both a pre-fab and stick built unit and believe we have met all the zoning and legal requirements we need to have before starting.

We are aware of the advantages that having and ADU brings, and we think we know their limitations – but we would be interested in hearing from others who have firsthand experience with the process and if they encountered anything unexpected.

Thanking you in advance and we enjoy reading your articles very much!

Albert “Al” Conejo/ Brentwood


  1. My tough guy father whom I’ve never seen cry bawled like a baby when we built his and asked him to live with us.

  2. we like ours. essentially adds square footage to the property and opens up possibilities for rentals or inter generational options.

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