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Letter: Signs Of Climate Change, Signs Of Progress. Is It Enough?



Our recent trial run of extended Death Valley temperatures and life in the New Normal presented by climate change should have been eye opening — but was it?

As local heat records fell and Europe and Africa both suffered the effects of long term climate change I look around to see how others were reacting at home, if at all. The highway was still jammed with cars, our forests continued to burn, and our lakes and rivers continued to bloom with deadly (mainly to fish) toxic algae created – partly – by our commitment to fertilizers and other chemicals.

Famine in parts of Africa, flooding in Pakistan and precursor storms and floods in the Southern states here at home. At least Congress was able to pull together long enough to enact the largest climate spending legislation in U.S. history with the Inflation Reduction Act but so much more needs to be done.

I only hope we’re able to take effective action in time.


Marianne Liebalt, Walnut Creek


  1. Inexorable! Thwaites glacier, which sits primarily above the waterline, is separating from Antartica and slipping into the sea. Five days, five years, five decades from now this single sheet of ice, described interestingly enough as the size of Florida, will inexorably raise sea level a meter or two or three. That’s one ice sheet from the south pole. Ice sheets from Greenland are leaking bigly. No need to head for the beach during extreme heat, the beach will come to you. No worries, Doomsday cults are undoubtedly going to soon pack up your troubles. Whatever you do, Don’t Look Up.

  2. Is there enough time to wear our Sandwich boards acclaiming the “End of the World is near!”? Yosemite used to be covered by Glaciers. The SF Bay was a meandering River to the Coast out past the Farallon Islands. Glaciers covered half the US by two mile thick Glaciers. All gone now, all before Humans had anything to do with it.

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